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Cowboys coach Mike McCarthy discusses Dak Prescott’s contract, training camp locations, and more

An update from the Cowboys head coach.

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The month of May is just about in the books. Typically by this point in the calendar year we would have gotten some semblance of action from the Dallas Cowboys on an actual football field. Obviously this has not been the case here in 2020. As the typical time for training camp approaches, many questions still need answers.

The Dallas Cowboys have a new head coach here in 2020 as Mike McCarthy now commands the post. McCarthy met virtually with reporters on Wednesday and provided an update on a variety of things.

This is a business situation for Dak Prescott

Mike McCarthy has done his best to stay neutral concerning Dak Prescott’s contract situation. He dug in hard when pressed about Dak participating in virtual meetings when he spoke before the draft, and on Wednesday he noted that the quarterback is simply in the middle of a business situation.

That’s the reality of football. We all want it to be Xs and Os a majority of the time, but business happens. Hopefully the business of it all is taken care of sooner rather than later, but July 15th is a long way away.

McCarthy is proud of where Aldon Smith is right now

The Cowboys signed Aldon Smith this offseason and last week saw him get officially reinstated by the NFL. Mike McCarthy seems pleased about the status of his defensive end.

By now you are likely familiar with how Mike McCarthy visited Aldon Smith at Jay Glazer’s gym way before becoming the head coach of the Cowboys. He has been invested in Smith for a long time and the fruits of that labor could be seen this season.

Green Bay has been home as of late

Obviously Mike McCarthy was the head coach of the Green Bay Packers for a long time and had a home in the area. He noted that he has been in Green Bay lately but is very anxious to get back to The Star in Frisco.

McCarthy was out of coaching all of last year so he has been ready to get back to work for some time. Hopefully that can happen soon.

There are multiple plans for training camp, in Oxnard AND Frisco

As noted, Mike McCarthy was out of coaching last year so he has had a lot of time to plan and prepare. The social distancing protocols have obviously given him more of that, and with so many questions hovering around the next few months that is going to be vital.

Many people have been wondering what the Cowboys are going to do about training camp. The team was scheduled to yet again head out to Oxnard, California for camp, but it is hard to know if that is going to be possible or practical. McCarthy noted that there are plans for an Oxnard or Frisco camp should the team need to stay home.

McCarthy had previously had a trip scheduled to head out to Oxnard to get the lay of the land, but that was postponed. The Cowboys have one of the most elaborate training complexes in the world that they operate out of every day, if they have to stay in Frisco they will have everything that they need, but it is nice to see that there are plans in place for a variety of circumstances.

Andy Dalton asks the right questions

One of the more gas-thrown-on-a-fire moves of this offseason for the Cowboys has undoubtedly been the signing of quarterback Andy Dalton. Mike McCarthy spoke highly of the team’s backup quarterback and even noted that he asks good questions.

Andy Dalton is among the best backup quarterbacks in the National Football League. According to Jordan Dalton, Andy’s wife, the quarterback has even been up to Pilates as of late. Good for him.

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