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Travis Frederick is feeding kids, getting skinny, and trimming his beard in retirement

Former Cowboys lineman changing things up in retirement.

9th Annual NFL Honors - Arrivals Photo by Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic

It was a blow when center Travis Frederick decided to retire from football. He, along with Tyron Smith and Zack Martin, formed a trio of All-Pro level offensive linemen for the Cowboys and were one of the reasons the Dallas offensive line was always among the most highly-ranked. Now, the Cowboys must replace him and it won’t be easy.

Frederick has attacked his retirement the same way he attacked defensive linemen on the field - by going all out. Frederick has started ”The Blocking Hunger Foundation” with the purpose of feeding hungry children in the Dallas metroplex.

Frederick also notes that he is “at ease” with his retirement and felt fortunate to get his seven years in the NFL. He is ready for the new chapter of his life, and is already going through some changes as he transitions out of an NFL life and into a civilian.

For one thing, he’s losing weight. So far he’s dropped 30 pounds.

“That’s the dream, guys like Marshal and [former Browns center] Joe Thomas getting super skinny,” Frederick said. “If you ask any O-lineman, they’ll tell you that you either get bigger or get smaller. You don’t stay the same. My goal is to get smaller. Much smaller. I’ve started to make my move, leaned things up. By the end of the season I’m usually 315, 320 [pounds]. I’ve been able to cut it down a little. I’m about 285.”

He has changed his diet and has turned to more cardio than heavy weights. His clothes “are pretty close to falling off,” dropping a shirt size as well as two ring sizes.

Like many offensive linemen before him, the weight comes off when the playing days are over. But there is more change for Frederick as we may no longer being able to call him Fredbeard.

He has also shaved the furry beard that became his calling card.

“It’s coming back, but it’s definitely more cleaned and trimmed up,” he said. “It’s not the football beard. I had a responsibility to grow the beard because I had a job that allowed it. Once you step out into the business world, it’s a little less acceptable to run around with.”

Fredbeard Lite? Fredbeard Jr.? Doesn’t really have the same ring to it.

Seriously, though, best of luck to Frederick. He sounds like he’s doing just fine in retirement.

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