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Tulsa HC Philip Montgomery believes the Cowboys are getting something special in Reggie Robinson II

Someone who knows Reggie Robinson very well.

Tulsa v Houston Photo by Tim Warner/Getty Images

When you ask someone who their favorite Dallas Cowboys draft pick was you tend to get a lot of different answers. This is a very good thing. The Cowboys pulled off what many believe to be one of the better draft classes in the NFL just over a week ago.

CeeDee Lamb headlines the group, but there are a lot of players that look like they are going to be significant contributors for the years to come. There are a lot of people excited about Alabama cornerback Trevon Diggs. The cornerback position was in massive need of an upgrade and Diggs can certainly provide that, but he is not alone in help that the Cowboys acquired.

Dallas wound up having two fourth-round draft picks and with the first of them they selected Tulsa cornerback Reggie Robinson II.

Tulsa head coach Philip Montgomery told us all about Reggie Robinson II

In the short time that Reggie Robinson II has been a member of the Dallas Cowboys we have learned that he is a very quiet individual. Every person is different and it seems like he is someone that prefers to just buckle down, go about his own business, and get to work.

This is a message that Robinson’s collegiate coach, Tulsa head coach Philip Montgomery, echoed when we talked with him. Coach Monty was kind enough to take some time to sit down with us and talk all about Reggie Robinson II. You can listen to our conversation with him right here.

Coach Montgomery confirmed that Reggie Robinson II is indeed a quiet person, but he added that he’s a quiet player, too. Apparently Robinson doesn’t even do much trash talking, which is rare considering the stereotype surrounding the cornerback position.

We also learned that Robinson has some of the more impressive physical strength that you can find in a cornerback even though he may not look it when you first see him. Coach Montgomery recruited Robinson way back when he was in high school, and Robinson was even part of Coach Montgomery’s first recruiting class when he became the head coach at Tulsa. He has literally seen all of Robinson’s career to this point, and is very proud of the work that he’s done to reach the NFL.

The BTB podcast feed has been churning out some pretty incredible guests lately and Coach Montgomery is just the latest one. Make sure you subscribe to the feed (you can find your provider right here) so that you don’t miss any one of our five shows. We post two episodes every day and later this week you can also hear from Ben DiNucci and Neville Gallimore (plus who knows what else?!).

Big thanks to Coach Monty for taking the time to join us. Best of luck to Tulsa this season!

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