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2020 NFL schedule release on May 7th at 8pm ET, we have seven predictions for Cowboys schedule

What will the 2020 Cowboys schedule look like?

NFL: JAN 19 AFC Championship - Titans at Chiefs Photo by Scott Winters/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

It had previously been reported that the 2020 NFL schedule would be released during the week of May 9th. We entered the week wondering when exactly the shoe would drop and we now appear to have our answer. The NFL will officially be releasing the 2020 league schedule on Thursday night at 8 PM ET.

The NFL spends a lot of time figuring out the exact order that their 256 games are going to be played in. It feels like the Dallas Cowboys start every year off with the New York Giants, and with former head coach Jason Garrett now New York’s offensive coordinator, one of the games against the G-Men will surely be a primetime contest.

In the spirit of the schedule releasing this week, some of the FPWs here at BTB put together schedule predictions.

2020 Dallas Cowboys Schedule Predictions

Week Sunday Date RJ Ochoa Tom Ryle Michael Sisemore Terence Watson Cole Patterson Michael Strawn David Howman
Week Sunday Date RJ Ochoa Tom Ryle Michael Sisemore Terence Watson Cole Patterson Michael Strawn David Howman
1 9/13/2020 at LAR NYG at NYG at LAR at LAR at SEA at LAR
2 9/20/2020 NYG at CIN at BAL at NYG NYG WAS NYG
3 9/27/2020 ARI at SEA CLE at CIN ARI CLE ARI
4 10/4/2020 at WAS SF SF at PHI at CIN at NYG at PHI
5 10/11/2020 at CIN at MIN at WAS at WAS at MIN at BAL CLE
6 10/18/2020 ATL at LAR BYE PIT CLE ATL at WAS
7 10/25/2020 PHI BYE at PHI ATL BYE BYE BYE
8 11/1/2020 BYE at PHI ATL BYE at PHI at LAR ATL
9 11/8/2020 PIT at NYG PIT ARI WAS PHI at BAL
10 11/15/2020 at BAL ATL ARI at SEA at BAL at WAS at NYG
11 11/22/2020 at SEA PIT at LAR at MIN ATL at MIN WAS
12 11/29/2020 SF WAS NYG NYG SF PIT SF
13 12/6/2020 at MIN CLE at CIN WAS at NYG at CIN at MIN
14 12/13/2020 at NYG at BAL WAS at BAL at SEA SF PIT
15 12/20/2020 CLE ARI at SEA CLE PIT ARI at SEA
16 12/27/2020 WAS at WAS at MIN SF at WAS at PHI at CIN
17 1/3/2021 at PHI PHI PHI PHI PHI NYG PHI

It should be noted that Week 12 is Thanksgiving so if you are going to do your own prediction then keep that in mind. The Dallas Cowboys will play their traditional NFC East games, the AFC North, the NFC West, the Atlanta Falcons, and the Minnesota Vikings.

What do you think the 2020 Dallas Cowboys schedule will look like?

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