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Rumor that each NFL team’s first four games in 2020 will be against the opposing conference

The NFL schedule will be coming out soon, but rumors are leaking.

Dallas Cowboys v Pittsburgh Steelers Photo by George Gojkovich/Getty Images

The 2020 NFL schedule will officially be released on Thursday including the 2020 Dallas Cowboys. Even though we have known who the Cowboys will be playing this season for some time, knowing the when of it all adds another detail. We can start to look at which games will be on primetime, how many road games will be back-to-back, and which team Dallas will host on Thanksgiving.

There are a lot of possible ways that the Cowboys schedule could ultimately shake out, we came up with some predictions here at BTB, but soon enough we will know it in its entirety. Before then, though, we are all left to ponder what it could look like and there are some rumors floating out there.

One rumor is that every team will play their opposing conference Weeks 1-4

Even with the current health crisis, the NFL has marched on with the offseason and held both free agency and the draft. There is still uncertainty as to what things will look like come football season so the NFL is looking at contingency plans (like the Pro Football Hall of Fame).

There is thought that the NFL might have to delay the season by a month (or any other measure of time). If this were to be the case how would they handle it?

A lot of people have suggested having every team play their opposing conference during the season’s first four games in the event that, for some reason, the league has to scrap that month in an emergency. Games against the opposing conference mean the least as far as tiebreakers are concerned and there is at least one rumor that the NFL could in fact be doing this.

The Cowboys play against the AFC North in 2020 with road games against the Baltimore Ravens and Cincinnati Bengals and home contests against the Pittsburgh Steelers and Cleveland Browns. Playing those four teams in the season’s first four weeks would certainly be interesting.

The Cowboys did open their season against the Browns way back in 2008, although that game was on the road in Cleveland. The AFC North has the league’s reigning MVP in Lamar Jackson so getting him at the beginning of the year before he finds his full rhythm might not be too bad, plus it’s likely that the Bengals will be starting number one overall pick Joe Burrow so seeing him in his first few games might also be an advantage.

This is just a rumor that is floating out there, so proceed with caution, but soon enough we will know the full validity of it. Previous rumors as recently as a month ago had the Cowboys opening the season on the road against the Los Angeles Rams in their new stadium.

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