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Mike Clay’s score projections for the 2020 NFL season have the Dallas Cowboys winning 12 games

12 wins would certainly put the Cowboys in the playoffs in 2020.

Dallas Cowboys v Philadelphia Eagles Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images

We have known who the Dallas Cowboys will be playing in 2020 from the moment that the 2019 season ended. Still, now knowing the full schedule for the 2020 Dallas Cowboys somehow makes the games feel more real and tangible. While we may have understood who the games will come against, knowing what goes on the weeks before and after is definitely significant.

Odds are that literally every person you know (speaking of odds, the Cowboys are favored in their first game of the season) has predicted how the Cowboys will fare this season. With an added wildcard spot in each conference you’d imagine that 10 wins will be enough to be playing into mid-January, but the NFL can be quite strange in some years.

Predicting anything is tough business but some people are obviously more well-equipped to do it than others. ESPN’s Mike Clay annual drops score projections for all 256 games and he has them up and ready for the 2020 NFL season.

Mike Clay’s projections have the Cowboys finishing with 12 wins

It is important to highlight a distinction that Clay himself makes in saying that these are not win total projections, but these are score projections for every game. Obviously we can compile the record of each individual team if we wanted to.

We have in fact done that with the Dallas Cowboys and looking at the score projections for all 16 of their games, Clay’s projections have them finishing 12-2-2 and his win projections have them finishing with 10.1.

The only true losses that these score projections have the Cowboys suffering are both on the road, at Philadelphia and Baltimore. Those are obviously going to be very difficult games (both on prime time by the way) as they are both against playoff teams from last year. Not to mention that Philadelphia is the only real and legitimate challenge for the Cowboys in the NFC East.

Football is weird and there generally games that we all think the Cowboys will absolutely win that they wind up dropping. Similarly there are also games that we are all extremely hesitant only to see the Cowboys find a way to prevail. Again, football is weird.

How do you think the Cowboys will do in 2020?

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