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Cowboys news: Details about a deal for Dak Prescott that would be “really hard” to pass up

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Start your Monday off with all of the latest Cowboys news.

Washington Redskins v Dallas Cowboys Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images

History doesn’t favor Cowboys having Dak Prescott play under tag - Grant Gordon,

With some speculation that Dak Prescott will play the upcoming season on the franchise tag, it is worth noting that rarely do quarterbacks that play on the tag remain with their team long-term.

While it remains to be seen how it all plays out, a look into gridiron history provided by NFL Research suggests that Prescott playing under the tag doesn’t bode well for a long history in Big D.

There have been 11 instances in which a quarterback has been designated as a franchise player since 1993, when the tag was introduced.

There have been eight quarterbacks, including Prescott, to be tagged.

There have been two who have played a season under the tag prior to Prescott: Kirk Cousins and Drew Brees. And Cousins and Brees each went on to sign long-term deals with other teams.

NFL execs believe Cowboys, Dak Prescott would agree on this deal - Garrett Stepien, 247Sports

If a deal is going to get done, these could be the parameters.

While the Dallas Cowboys and Dak Prescott remain deadlocked into a stalemate on talks of a contract extension, the franchise-tagged quarterback could budge if one offer is extended. As money and years remain issues at the forefront of Prescott’s potential new deal with the Cowboys, an offer around four years and $35 million annually would be hard to pass up, ESPN NFL insider Jeremy Fowler reported Sunday morning on SportsCenter.

“I continue to hear, from sources, that Prescott and the Cowboys are both ready to drag this out to the July 15 franchise tag deadline if that’s the way it’s going to be,” Fowler said to show co-host Hannah Storm. “And that’s the paste right now. It’s been slow over the last month, and they still have a gap in money and number of years on the contract. So Prescott’s willing to be patient as well.

“I continue to hear that he’s looking at the overall picture. And if Deshaun Watson gets a deal done in Houston, that only strengthens the quarterback market. Speaking to several execs around the league, they believe if Prescott can get close to or at that 35-million-dollar-per-year mark on the four-year deal he covets, it’s going to be really hard to pass that up.”

Dak Prescott’s Contract Extension The Final Move To Make Before 2020 Kicks Off - Kevin Brady, Inside The Star

Completing an extension with Dak is the final move for the Cowboys to make before the 2020 season begins.

Of course, the seven weeks deadline Brent Sobleski mentions here is in reference to the mid-July deadline for Prescott to sign the franchise tag. So far, there’s no indication that he will do so, which would create even further drama right before the 2020 season really kicks off.

The Cowboys have reportedly offered Prescott what they feel is a fair offer, but Prescott’s demands are on the table and popularly noted as well.

Now – we continue to wait and see who blinks first.

NFL analyst: A season without fans could affect Dak Prescott’s contract talks with the Cowboys ‘tremendously’ - Dallas Morning News

Could the uncertainty of the upcoming season, and the logistics that go with, impact negotiations between the Cowboys and Prescott?

Is there a point where the Cowboys might have to say goodbye to Dak?

Lombardi: “I think there is, and you have to ponder this a little bit... we’re going to have football this year, we hope, right? We’re not going to have fans. I think this affects Dak Prescott tremendously. I think it affects every team. We’re not going to have fans, and the owners are saying that could be a half-billion dollar loss for them. The owners are partners with the players. So, the cap next year could easily be $25-30 million lower than it is right now, because the lost revenue has to be taken out. How is that going to affect the cap number? If you look at next year’s cap, the Cowboys have $35 million available to them right now. If the cap goes down, that becomes a problem. Teams have to weigh their odds and see how this plays out, because at the end of the day, the cap will go down next year. Nobody’s talking about it, but it will.

“The reality is that [Dak’s negotiations] are benefited by the market. And if the market goes down next year because of the cap number, people’s appetite to pay Dak Prescott $40 million becomes a lot less because they have cap concerns.

Dallas Cowboys: Tempering expectations for CeeDee Lamb in 2020 - Tyrone Starr, The Landry Hat

The Cowboys added a very talented weapon for Dak Prescott this offseason: 2020 first-round receiver CeeDee Lamb. While the excitement is high for Lamb, it may be best to temper your expectations.

During his 13 seasons as the head coach in Green Bay, nine rookie receivers saw playing time under his guidance. None had more than 50+ receptions or 4+ touchdowns, while only three had more than 500+ yards receiving in their first year.

Before you suggest a talent disparity between Lamb and these nine guys, know that this list includes Davante Adams and Jordy Nelson. All nine also had either Brett Favre or Aaron Rodgers at quarterback. It might just be that McCarthy does not give a lot of opportunity to guys who have not established themselves.

All in all, I do believe CeeDee Lamb will have an impact in his first season. I think it would be wise to temper expectations, however, and give the kid time to grow into the great player we all think he will be. No one should consider a rookie season of 40-50 receptions, 500-700 receiving yards and 4-6 touchdowns a bad first year. Given the list of others who put up similar numbers as a rookie, it would actually put Lamb in great company.

Odds for 2020 NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year - Riley Gates, 247Sports

Speaking of Lamb, the former Oklahoma star has +1400 odds to take home Rookie of the Year honors.

The odds: +1400

The why: It’s tough to come into a better situation than what CeeDee Lamb entered into with the Cowboys. Not only does he get to learn from a proven veteran like Amari Cooper and work alongside fellow young receiver Michael Gallup, but Dallas has a huge running threat in Ezekiel Elliott to take pressure off of the passing game. The Cowboys have only improved their already impressive offense with a player like Lamb.

4 dream trades for Dallas Cowboys before training camp - Rucker Haringey, FanSided

Four trades that would improve the Cowboys’ roster before training camp.

Dealing for Jamal Adams

The Jets freely admit that they’ve discussed dealing their star safety, but insist none of those conversations have involvd the Cowboys. Adams, a Dallas area native, would love to come home and solidify the back end of the Cowboys’ secondary.

The team did improve their options at safety slightly by bringing in Haha Clinton-Dix this offseason, but he will struggle to hold up in the final third in pass coverage. Adams’ ability to play near the line of scrimmage and cover receivers running patterns deep down the field would do wonders to improve the Cowboys’ defensive flexibility.

The problem the Cowboys have is that the Jets clearly don’t want to give him his dream move to Dallas. That means the team would likely need to overpay to bring him in. Giving up a second round pick might be a risk worth taking for a defense that needs help in the secondary. It’s not the most valuable position in the NFL, but it could make the difference between an early playoff exit and a Super Bowl run for the Cowboys.

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