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Poll: Would you want to see the Dallas Cowboys mic’d up all of the time?

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It’s an interesting concept.

NFL: JAN 05 NFC Wild Card - Seahawks at Cowboys Photo by Andrew Dieb/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

The Dallas Cowboys are scheduled to begin their 2020 season on the road against the Los Angeles Rams on September 13th. Considering that we are now officially in June there are about three months between now and then. Get hyped.

Of course the state of sports across our world is one of uncertainty as we continue to navigate the coronavirus pandemic.

Certain sports across the world have begun their return and have done so void of fans so as to practice proper social distancing. Again, we have no idea if the NFL will play games at full capacity or some sort of percentage, but the possibility certainly exists for stadiums to be less occupied than they typically are for professional football games.

Would you want to see the Cowboys mic’d up?

Most people end up watching football on television anyway but with less people in the crowd that means that more people would in fact be on their proverbial couch. This also of course means, duh, that less people would be in stadiums which would mean that the ambient noise of the crowd would be lower than we are all accustomed to.

There have been various suggestions as to what broadcast groups should do in lieu of actual crowd noise. One suggestion is that artificial crowd cheers and boos be pumped in, some people believe that music should be played in the background, whatever the case it will be much more quiet which could lead to us hearing more from the actual players on the field.

This is where a certain camp has fallen. There are some that want to see the NFL lean into a potential scenario with less fans by putting microphones on players and allowing us to get a far more intimate idea of what is being said on the field. Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver DeSean Jackson seems to like this idea.

“Yeah, it’s gonna get crazy. I think they should, though. They should give the fans the inside to really see what goes on between the white lines,” Jackson said, via “It gets crazy, bro. I know in the trenches it gets crazy, and I know out there on the outside it gets crazy too with the conversations we going back and forth on.”

There have been some incredible moments caught by microphones over the course of NFL history and it sure would be fascinating to hear Dak Prescott making audibles, Jaylon Smith (right?) calling the defense, so on and so forth. That is the type of stuff that fascinates so many fans.

Obviously some conversations that happen on the football field are, well, um, intense, and therefore the NFL would have to police that to a certain degree so as not to get too wild on network television. For real, though, the trash talk, for lack of a better term, would be fascinating. Consider that one of the greater moments we’ve heard with regards to the Cowboys came after Tony Romo was making calls at the line of scrimmage.

It is definitely absolutely the case more probable than not that NFL coaches would not want to see this happen since they don’t want to give away anything more than they have to. Imagine a scenario where a piece of crucial information for a future game was learned by a player wearing a microphone. The coach on the losing end of that would not be pleased.

Do you want to see this happen?


Would you want to see the Dallas Cowboys mic’d up all of the time?

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