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What have you changed your mind on most over the last year regarding the Dallas Cowboys?

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There are a number of options.

Dallas Cowboys v New Orleans Saints Photo by Jonathan Bachman/Getty Images

525,600. That’s how many minutes there are in a year.

Technically speaking 2020, the year we’re in obviously, is a leap year which means you have to add 1,440 more when talking about it. Today we are not talking about the calendar year of 2020, but we are looking back at this day last year - June 1st, 2019.

This is the beginning of the quietest month of the NFL calendar so we have chosen this one to start ou look back. Think about how much has happened since June 1st of last year regarding the Cowboys, the list is quite long. Obviously it is headlined by Mike McCarthy now occupying the head coaching post, but there have been a number of additions and subtractions.

What have you changed your mind on most over the last year when it comes to the Cowboys?

We have a whole year’s worth of data and information to draw conclusions off. Obviously some of our thoughts and opinions from back then have been reinforced, but others have also changed dramatically.

When you think about what you thought about the Dallas Cowboys one year ago today... what has changed the most? Odds are you are going to answer something about faith in the coaching staff since the aforementioned Mike McCarthy is running the show now as opposed to Jason Garrett, but there are certainly other options.

The subject of Dak Prescott is among the more divisive ones for Cowboys fans, but there are definitely people that came around on the team’s quarterback after what he did last season.

A year ago there were, without a doubt, more people who championed the idea that Ezekiel Elliott was the proverbial straw that stirred the Cowboys’ drink. One year later, one where Elliott got paid mind you, there has been a migration of those folks to the idea that running backs are more easily replaceable than other positions.

In thinking about what has changed in the minds of Cowboys fans over the last year I couldn’t help but think about Michael Gallup. The third-year wide receiver has reached a point for Cowboys fans that they (correctly in this writer’s opinion) wouldn’t even trade him for Jamal Adams. That is quite the leap in just one year.

Of course, if you are talking about opinions changing over the last year perhaps no Cowboys player saw a greater shift in the eyes of fans than Jason Witten. At this time a year ago Witten was the Pro Football Hall of Famer returning for one more run at glory. Over the course of the season, he lost favor with plenty of fans and at the end of the year was viewed as a progress-stopper that commanded the percentage of snaps he did off of reputation more than anything. Considering that he is playing football in 2020 and that it is not for the Dallas Cowboys, that also seems to show quite a shift in how the Cowboys themselves view Witten, too.

What have you changed your mind on most over the last year regarding the Dallas Cowboys? Is it one of these things? Something else? Do tell.