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If you could guarantee three non-division games as wins for the Cowboys, which would you choose?

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Be wise.

NFL: Dallas Cowboys at New Orleans Saints Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports

We all want to see the Dallas Cowboys win every game that they play. An unfortunate reality of sports is that the team is going to end up losing some games (in all likelihood). What’s more is that they are also probably going to lose a game that we do not want them to. Argh! That’s terrible.

Football is a weird game and as a result sometimes weird things happen. We are all believers that the Cowboys can be a team that achieves a lot of success in 2020 which will mean that they are going to need to win a lot of football games.

What if you had the ability to lock in some games as wins, though? There is a strategy that goes along with that. Let’s discuss.

Which three-non division games would you lock in as wins?

Games that take place in the NFC East are unequivocally the most important ones that the Cowboys play, such a fact is evidenced by how competitive they have been over the last decade just by winning their division contests. That’s undeniable.

In the spirit of creativity we are eliminating division games from ones that you could potentially lock. On top of that, we all know that due to the way that tiebreakers for playoff spots work that games against the opposite conference mean the least. It would be nice to see the Cowboys beat the Pittsburgh Steelers or Baltimore Ravens of course, but the reality is that those games are by definition less essential.

Due to the process of elimination we are left with six games to consider. They are the four games against the NFC West, the Atlanta Falcons, and the Minnesota Vikings. The question that you must ask yourself is which three of those six are the most important.

There is some logic in saying that you would rather lock up the three road games (Rams, Seahawks, Vikings). Obviously those are more difficult because they take place away from AT&T Stadium. When I asked some fellow BTB front-page writers they all agreed that Seattle was one to choose in this game, but Dave Halprin had an interesting point when it comes to the Rams game specifically.

If we are looking at the schedule as is (why wouldn’t we be?) then we know that the Rams game is the first. Choosing that as one of the three guarantees the Cowboys a 1-0 start and that is always a good foot to get off on.

Who are the three best teams of the eligible six?

The thing about the Rams though is that the Cowboys should be able to beat them with ease (like they did last season). If you are trying to simply take care of the three best teams of the six that we are looking at then Seattle is obviously in the mix as are the reigning NFC Champions - the San Francisco 49ers.

San Fran is a home game and it takes place in December. If I’m allowed to use a lock on that one there is certainly a lot of reason that makes it a good one to do so.

This leaves us with one selection here as we have locked Seattle and San Francisco. While the Rams are a worthy consideration my personal opinion would be to take care of the Minnesota Vikings. It feels like they are still slept on a bit and despite Dalvin Cook’s potential holdout situation should be a serious contender in their own division and the NFC as a whole.

Due to the restrictions we have applied your six practical choices are the Los Angeles Rams, Atlanta Falcons, Seattle Seahawks, Arizona Cardinals, Minnesota Vikings, and San Francisco 49ers. Maybe you feel that an AFC game is worth locking up for a particular reason.

State your case.