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The Dallas Cowboys have the third-lowest amount of continuity returning for them in 2020

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It has been an offseason of change for the Cowboys.

Dallas Cowboys v Philadelphia Eagles Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images

The Dallas Cowboys have undergone an enormous amount of change this offseason, far more than they typically do. As a whole, the organization has a new head coach in Mike McCarthy, locked down Amari Cooper, brought in solid veterans like Gerald McCoy and Ha Ha Clinton-Dix, said goodbye to significant contributors like Byron Jones and Robert Quinn, plus they had one of the NFL’s most-envied drafts that was headlined by CeeDee Lamb.

Dak Prescott’s new contract is the only real item pending, but there is a general sense that it will ultimately get done before next month’s deadline. While that is still technically an unknown, what is indisputable is that things are going to look fairly different for Dallas whenever they play their next football game.

The Cowboys have the third-lowest amount of continuity returning in 2020

As a result of so much change, the Cowboys are going to have a lot of new faces in their meeting rooms. ESPN assessed how much continuity is returning to each NFL team in 2020 and it should come as no surprise that the Cowboys were closer to the bottom. They were, in fact, 30th.

30. Dallas Cowboys: 66.5% snaps returning

Offensive snaps returning: 71.2% (25th)

Defensive snaps returning: 61.6% (26th)

Starters returning: 19 (8 offense, 8 defense, 3 special teams)

Non-coordinator assistants returning: 4 of 21

Coordinators returning: 1 of 3 (Kellen Moore, OC)

Starting QB: Dak Prescott, 5th year

Head coach: Mike McCarthy, 1st year with Cowboys, 14th overall (125-77 overall)

What it means: Not having a traditional offseason program hurts the Cowboys and McCarthy, but the makeup of the team could allow them to overcome it. Five of the eight returning starters on offense have played in at least one Pro Bowl. On defense, they have a number of key players back. The secondary lost two starters in free agency, but they have three corners who all saw significant time. McCarthy will keep most of the offense the same to aid Prescott’s development, which is a big reason Moore was retained, but McCarthy will add his flair to the offense as well. — Todd Archer

While the way this is put sounds intimidating, it is very important to note that 8/11 starters are returning on both offense and defense. That is where continuity is truly the most important.

What’s more is that Kellen Moore is also back for 2020 and that might be more important than any other coaching move that was made besides Mike McCarthy. The Cowboys were one of the best offenses in the NFL last year and Dak Prescott had one of his best seasons individually. Keeping the most obvious piece responsible for that for the future was a very wise decision by McCarthy.

Also, if we are to consider who the changes are, they are either for experienced players like Gerald McCoy or Ha Ha Clinton Dix, or they are with a new star in CeeDee Lamb. Those are the types of changes that you want to make as a football team which is why so many people are high on the Cowboys as of late.

Perhaps the largest level of continuity leaving is Jason Witten heading to the Las Vegas Raiders. Obviously he has a lot of experience, but the team has already played without him so that is in itself a bit of a unique thing. Travis Frederick’s retirement, also another unique situation, might hurt the team more than Witten.