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Report: NFL might expand the size of practice squads even more than originally anticipated

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With all the issues caused by the coronavirus, there might be more need for practice squad players.

Dallas Cowboys v Chicago Bears Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images

It has been several months since we saw an actual NFL game, but a lot has certainly happened throughout the National Football League in that time. We are now into the second half of June with free agency and the NFL Draft all happening in a socially-distanced way. There have been no OTAs, no minicamps, basically no practices at all across the league as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic that we have been navigating for months now.

Not that it was the most important thing, but in the middle of all of that the NFL also managed to land the plane on a new Collective Bargaining Agreement. There are, of course, many details to a CBA that are important but one thing was an increase of game day active rosters to 48 and some special rules around elevating practice squad players during the season.

NFL practice squads may be growing larger than originally planned

Under that new CBA, practice squads were already slated to expand from 10 to 12 players. But the reality is that there are so many questions about what an NFL season is even going to look like. We sit here currently in a week where one of the biggest stars on the Dallas Cowboys roster tested positive for Covid-19 in Ezekiel Elliott, there is no telling what the fall will bring in a number of ways.

Obviously, the NFL is aware of this fact and is seemingly preparing for it. According to a report on Wednesday evening, the league might be increasing each team’s practice squads so as to provide more roster flexibility as they navigate these uncharted waters.

We truly have no idea how NFL teams will handle the prospect of a player testing positive for Covid-19 during the regular season as that would obviously have serious ramifications in terms of that player’s availability for a number of things. That’s one of the main issues here.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers head coach Bruce Arians recently discussed the idea of keeping a third quarterback strictly in quarantine in the event that they were necessary given the climate that we all currently occupy.

The Dallas Cowboys could certainly use as many roster spots as possible just like anybody else in the National Football League. Perhaps practice squads will ultimately end up growing, we will wait and see what the NFL decides.