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Aldon Smith says he feels fresh and that he’s carrying his new weight very well

One of the Cowboys newest players could play a major role this year.

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Seattle Seahawks v San Francisco 49ers Photo by Brian Bahr/Getty Images

There have been a number of moves made by the Dallas Cowboys this offseason that have garnered interest from many. One of them was without question the signing of defensive end Aldon Smith.

Considering the fact that Smith has not played in the NFL since 2015 the level of intrigue around his game is high. We know that he has officially been reinstated by the league, but what exactly can he offer the Cowboys on the field this season? It is difficult to know.

What we are aware of is that Smith has put on some weight. He is said to be at 287 lbs. by Jay Glazer specifically, and we also know that Smith worked quite a bit with Glazer in terms of on and off the field objectives.

Smith appeared on Sirius XM NFL Radio this week and noted that while he is heavier, it is all muscle and he is carrying it well.

“Shape-wise I feel great. I feel great. I feel young. I feel… my twenties. I feel fresh. So I’m good on that. My weight’s good. I’m a little heavier, but it’s all muscle and I’ve been carrying it long enough and I move well, if not better. I mean, I’m healthy. I think in the past when I was playing I had a lot of other things going on, in my head, and things that were going on off the field. And me having the success that I had back then, with all of that going on, now just being completely a whole different surroundings and just… life’s different. I’m in a different place. That mind along with the body is just, I feel much better. I was able to work with Jay while I was in L.A. and the trainers there, I can’t name all the trainers and people who have helped me out, just while I’ve been gone. But I’ve been able to be blessed to be around people who care about me and are making sure that I’m taking care of my mind and body. So I’m excited. I’m looking forward to when I’m able to get on the field and show everybody.”

It is always interesting to see how NFL players, and athletes in general, handle their bodies either putting on or dropping weight. Obviously Smith plays a position of serious contact and being able to be physical is a good thing, but speed is no doubt necessary.

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