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The Dallas Cowboys will hold training camp in Frisco, TX as opposed to Oxnard, CA

Things are staying local for the Cowboys.

Dallas Cowboys Training Camp Photo by Josh Lefkowitz/Getty Images

The Dallas Cowboys have hosted training camp in Oxnard, California for some time now. Obviously the weather on the west coast is ideal throughout two-a-days as football teams try to install how they will work for the upcoming season. Texas is great, but it’s hot.

Of course the Cowboys can train indoors inside of the Lone Star State as their world headquarters at The Star in Frisco have both indoor and outdoor facilities that they use throughout the regular season. With the entire world dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic, many people have been wondering what the Cowboys will do for training camp (which is set to begin next month) considering it is quite the chore to send all of their equipment all the way out to California.

It appears that we have our answer, and it’s one that Mike McCarthy somewhat hinted at last week.

The Dallas Cowboys will reportedly hold training camp in Frisco

Mike McCarthy noted last week that the Cowboys had a plan to hold training camp at The Star in Frisco. Perhaps that was the opening of the door to the possibility as it was reported on Tuesday that all NFL teams will in fact stay home for their respective camps.

The last time that the Cowboys held training camp anywhere besides Oxnard was back in 2011 when they held it in San Antonio. The Cowboys have dabbled with training camp in the Alamo City at times this millennium, but again, the weather out in California is hard to beat.

What’s more is that by holding training camp in a state that isn’t Texas the Cowboys have continued to further their brand. There is a strong contingency of Cowboys fans out in California and they always make their presence known out on the practice fields in Oxnard. Obviously Cowboys Camp brings a lot of revenue to the area, hopefully the City of Oxnard will be alright.

The NFL has marched on amid the coronavirus and held both free agency and the NFL Draft in socially-distanced ways. Each team having to have their own training camps at their own facilities is one of the bigger decisions that the league has made throughout the pandemic, keeping everyone safe should be the top priority.