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The Cowboys double up with players on this top 10 list

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There’s a reason the Cowboys offense is seen as loaded by many.

Dallas Cowboys v New York Giants
You expected him. The other one, maybe not so much.
Photo by Al Pereira/Getty Images

For some time now, the Dallas Cowboys have had an offensive line that is seen as one of the best in the league. While they no longer are widely considered the top one overall, they still rate mention as one of the top five. This season, they have to deal with the retirement of Travis Frederick (who was just selected to receive the George Halas award) but still have a pretty solid group of players. Solid might actually be understating things. According to this list, they have an outstanding set of bookends on the line.

This is, of course, one man’s opinion. And you know what they say about opinions. They are a dime a dozen. (Were you thinking something else?)

Still, this is a very nice endorsement for Tyron Smith and La’el Collins. When you also have All Pro Zack Martin in the interior of the line, things can’t look too bad.

Smith is an All Pro himself, and while he has had some injury issues in recent years, this is a vote that he still performs at a very high level. It also bolsters the argument that Collins is an ascending player. With the trend of defenses putting their best pass rusher on their left side instead of the right, that is even more important. Many who cover Dallas have been making the case that he is deserving of consideration for Pro Bowl and All Pro honors as well.

It’s just one writer who has them as the second best tackle duo behind that of the New Orleans Saints, but it is a theme that is not limited to him. This is one pre-season ranking that fits the evidence of the past couple of seasons, which have seen Collins prove he is a worthy partner to Smith. Even better, they are both comparative bargains, with Smith now deep into a contract that has become more and more favorable for the team as it progresses, while Collins just signed a rather team-friendly extension last year.

The Cowboys still have that question to answer at center, but with Joe Looney, Connor McGovern, and Tyler Biadasz, they should be able to work things out. Connor Williams is still growing into the left guard position, but has not proven to be a liability.

The offensive line is showing every sign of being a strength of the roster once more. That is nothing but good news.