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This Dak Prescott shirt is incredible

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We now know for certain that Dak Prescott is going to be playing for the Dallas Cowboys this season. We know that thanks to him signing his franchise tag on Monday.

Of course Dak and the Cowboys can (and should) still agree to a long-term deal and they have until July 15th to negotiate such terms. Still, the fact that Dak is under some sort of contract is welcome news and eliminates any idea that he was going to hold out for the season.

Dak to Instagram shortly after he signed his tender to show how proud, seemingly, that he is to be part of the Cowboys. Our friends at BreakingT turned his photo into an incredible shirt that you can buy right here.

BreakingT’s shirts are very comfortable and if you are in between sizes I’d recommend going up just to be safe. This is by far one of their greatest designs to date.