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Ezekiel Elliott says he is feeling “good” following testing positive for Covid-19

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The health of Ezekiel Elliott is in a good place according to the man himself.

Dallas Cowboys v New Orleans Saints Photo by Sean Gardner/Getty Images

Every aspect of our lives has been impacted over the last several months as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. The world of sports is no exception and neither is the world of the Dallas Cowboys. Last week it was leaked that running back Ezekiel Elliott had tested positive for the virus.

We are still waiting to see when the Cowboys will congregate physically but for now things remain completely virtual. Zeke was streaming on his Twitch channel on Wednesday and provided an update on where he stands after his positive test.

Ezekiel Elliott says he is feeling “good” following testing positive for Covid-19

As noted, Zeke was streaming on Twitch and was answering a few questions. Naturally the subject of how he is feeling came up and he noted that in the aftermath of testing positive that he is feeling good.

Zeke notes that he still cannot work out and that he is taking precautions in terms of socially distancing himself. He says that he could have gotten tested again but that it seemed best to wait a little bit longer.

He did note that he had “one or two days” where he felt symptoms where he had a cough and a little bit of shortness of breath but that he is now feeling good. That is certainly good to hear.

We are seeing positive tests pop up all across the world of sports and unlike most of them the NFL is not currently in the middle of playing. Time will tell how the league is going to handle positive tests that pop up, but thankfully Ezekiel Elliott seems to be feeling alright.