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PFF graded Dak Prescott as a top five quarterback in 2019 when playing against playoff teams

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Dak actually played well against the tougher teams.

Philadelphia Eagles v Dallas Cowboys Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images

If you put your hand into a bag of random Dallas Cowboys fans, pulled out two, it feels like it would be somewhat tough to get them to agree on their thoughts on Dak Prescott.

Such is life when you are the Dallas Cowboys quarterback, right?

In discussing Prescott’s performance from last season many tend to point out the lack of success that the Cowboys as a whole had against teams that did well throughout the season. We all know that the Cowboys generally struggled in the win-loss department against teams that wound up playing in January.

PFF graded Dak Prescott as a top five quarterback last season against playoff teams

Wins and losses are one thing, but they are awfully obtuse in that they leave out important context. Great games can be had in losses and poor games can be had in wins. It’s almost like football is a team sport.

The grades that PFF hands out are often met with great praise or vitriol depending on what narrative they are supporting. They released a fancy-looking graphic on Thursday that had the top five quarterback ratings from last season when playing against playoff teams. Dak Prescott was number five.

It is not a shock to see Deshaun Watson, Russell Wilson, and Pat Mahomes on this list, they are among the best quarterbacks in the game today. Ryan Tannehill obviously stormed onto the scene and managed the Tennessee Titans to the point that they made it all the way to the AFC Championship Game, his rating is something that many people have used in elevating their case for him since then.

This hardly says or proves that Dak Prescott is a top five quarterback in the NFL, but the point is that there is a lot of data to support that his individual performance is one of serious legitimacy and therefore is worth receiving a franchise-level contract.

We are about three weeks away from the deadline that the Cowboys have to give Dak a contract like that, so time will tell what it ultimately looks like if that is what happens. He is already locked in to the franchise tag at the very least, there will never not be pressure for someone that plays his position.