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A new coaching staff is a clean slate for Dallas Cowboys cornerback Jourdan Lewis

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Cowboys cornerback is looking forward to the changes in Dallas.

Dallas Cowboys v Philadelphia Eagles Photo by Corey Perrine/Getty Images

There are many Dallas Cowboys fans that have long wanted to see more playing time for cornerback Jourdan Lewis. Just how long? Consider that this upcoming season is a contract year for Jourdan Lewis so he has been through almost all of his rookie deal with the team. In spite of that, there is still an almost agreed-upon idea that he hasn’t been played enough by the team’s coaching staff to this point.

It is thought that the Cowboys didn’t find enough time to put Jourdan Lewis on the field due to his size, being that it did not meet the minimum requirements that they believed a cornerback should have. In spite of that we have all seen Lewis have some big-time moments in a Cowboys uniform; there is more analysis necessary than just a player’s combine measurements.

A new coaching staff might provide more opportunities for Lewis

Speaking to the mothership, Jourdan Lewis talked about the team’s new coaching staff among a variety of other things. He noted that he has had previous “circumstances” that he has to go through, but everybody is starting anew in Mike Nolan’s defense (jump to 7:47 for this question and answer specifically).

“It’s definitely a clean slate. You know everybody has a clean slate and they’re just looking at what we’ve done in the past. They’re looking at the sample size that they do have to go out there and watch us and watch the film and the movements, and they see what they want to implement in their new defense. And they said that everybody has a clean slate. It doesn’t matter how big, tall, how long you’ve been here, it doesn’t matter. If you can play ball they want to see you in that position to go and compete for that job. I appreciate them for saying that. It’s definitely a different mindset as far as just giving everybody a fair shot. Giving everybody a opportunity to go out there and play, regardless of circumstances that, previously I had to go through.

There is going to be a lot of attention paid to the Cowboys cornerbacks this season as the team saw Byron Jones leave in free agency. Obviously that means that will put even more pressure than there was already going to be on players like Lewis and his fellow draftee Chidobe Awuzie, not to mention the expectations that players put on themselves when they are pushing for new contracts.

It is important not to spend time completely dwelling on the past and how the team’s previous regimes may have mis- or under-used Jourdan Lewis. It does seem like he is going to have more opportunities in the future which is what matters most.