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NFL coaching staffs may be among the employees returning to team facilities starting Friday, June 5th

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The NFL is slowly starting to return to routine, although it’s still very different.

NFL Combine - Day 2 Photo by Alika Jenner/Getty Images

We are almost a week into the month of June and there are likely still Dallas Cowboys players that head coach Mike McCarthy has not met yet. As McCarthy is in his first season with the team there are obviously a lot of introductions that need to take place, and while they would have a long time ago in normal circumstances, the coronavirus pandemic has drastically altered the way everything operates.

We found out last week that Mike McCarthy has been conducting Cowboys business from his home in Green Bay, WI. He noted then that he was anxious to get back to The Star in Frisco and we found out on Thursday that he will be able to do that very soon.

NFL coaching staffs may return to team facilities starting on Friday

There have been calculated efforts about how NFL teams will re-open their facilities. On top of that, each individual state is operating with their own governmental plan on how they are going to re-open, but in an effort to establish fairness the league has asked teams to abide by their plans since things are different in different parts of the country.

On Thursday, a memo went out to teams that discussed how beginning Friday, June 5th coaching staffs will be allowed to re-enter facilities.

This will advise that, beginning tomorrow, June 5, coaching staffs may be among the employees returning to your facility. As has been emphasized in previous advice on reopening facilities, this may occur only if your club has otherwise received necessary permission from state and local governments to reopen its facility.

The state of Texas announced on Wednesday that phase three of their scheduled re-opening plan is in effect. All of this means that Mike McCarthy and Co. can return to The Star on Friday should they choose to do so.

This is obviously a significant step towards NFL teams operating in the way that we all know them to, but it does not mean that the future is completely locked and taken care of. This is one step on a long process.