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Next step: Mike McCarthy and his staff finally at work at the Star

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Football just inched a little closer to reality for the Cowboys.

Dallas Cowboys Introduce Head Coach Mike McCarthy
Back to his office at last.
Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images

It was just a matter of time as things have been slowly opening up for the NFL and the country in general, but it was still a welcome bit of Dallas Cowboys news in these stressful times.

For the first time since March, Cowboys coach Mike McCarthy is back at The Star, the team’s facility in Frisco, Texas. McCarthy had been at his home in Green Bay during the draft process and the virtual offseason program but returned to Texas earlier in the week. Most of the assistants have also been to the facility Friday as well as the NFL opened team buildings to coaches for the first time. A handful of the new assistants had been away like McCarthy.

- Todd Archer, ESPN

While the staff has been working in the virtual world as much as they can, it is undoubted that being able to have actual face-to-face meetings will greatly aid the process. This is more important for the Cowboys than most teams. As one of five franchises with a new head coach, there is much more work to be done just in getting the process ironed out and building the relationships between people that have never worked as a unit before. Some obviously have prior relationships, but in many cases this is new territory.

Additionally, the Dallas staff has to get the schedule coordinated for training camp to be held entirely in Frisco. That is actually a real benefit, as it eliminates the logistics of moving out to Oxnard and back during camp.

From a larger perspective, this is another key milestone as the NFL tries to start the season on schedule. The next will be bringing the players in, and what will be allowed as well as when certain things will be permitted. It is still to be determined if there will be anything in the way of delayed OTAs or not. But at the least, the coaches should soon be able to have some kinds of meetings with the players once they are allowed back at the facility.

A new staff always brings extra work for a team. The unique situation this year just compounds all those challenges.

Hopefully, this also means that there will soon be more information flowing out from the team. Availability is a big factor in getting news and interviews. In this sports-starved environment, anything more than we have been getting will be more than welcome.

Things are moving forward. We should all get a smile out of that.