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How do the Cowboys do when creating all-star teams based on college school or conference?

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The Cowboys have stars that come from across the college landscape.

Dallas Cowboys v New Orleans Saints Photo by Jonathan Bachman/Getty Images

ESPN has a time-waster article out that is a fun read on a Saturday during June when the NFL world isn’t doing any on-the-field work. They are ranking all-star teams in two different categories. The first are teams made up of current NFL players from either LSU, Alabama, or Ohio State. They are creating all-star teams from those three schools and deciding which one is the best.

They then do the same process, but widen the net to college conferences. They created teams made up of ACC, SEC, Big 10, Big 12, PAC 12 and non-Power 5 players and then rank them.

The Cowboys have a few players that make the teams. The LSU all-star team is ranked first, ahead of Alabama then Ohio State.

For the LSU team, La’el Collins is one of the tackles. It it really nice to see Collins getting his due. He has recently been showing up on lists like “most underrated” and other similar spotlights. He’s been overshadowed on the offensive line by the Cowboys big three, Zack Martin, Tyron Smith, and Travis Frederick. He’s now coming into his own and getting recognized for it.

For the number two ranked Alabama team, Amari Cooper is one of the receivers. Alabama has sure sent a ton of skill positions to the NFL recently as Cooper is paired up with Julio Jones at wide receiver. That is a stellar duo.

For the number three Ohio State team, you know that Ezekiel Elliott is the running back. This one was about as easy of a choice as they had to make. Elliott is simply elite. You can debate the idea of giving him a large contract because of the position he plays, but you can’t debate how good he is at his position.

As for the conference all-star teams, things get changed up a bit. Ezekiel Elliott still holds on to his position as the running back for the Big 10, but Amari Cooper and La’el Collins lose their spots. When you widen the net to include all of a conference, you bring in a lot more potential players for spots. So Cooper gets beat out of the SEC wide receiver spots by the aforementioned Julio Jones and Mike Evans. Collins loses out to Laremy Tunsil and Andrew Whitworth.

But there are some other Cowboys players who do make an appearance. For the second-ranked SEC team, the quarterback is none other than Dak Prescott. One of the voters said:

“I voted the SEC as the No. 1 team because it was so deep from top to bottom. Any offense that features Dak Prescott throwing to Julio Jones and Mike Evans while also being able to hand the ball off to Derrick Henry is unstoppable.”

For the ACC team, Zack Martin is one of the choices at guard. While Notre Dame isn’t technically in the ACC in football, they placed them in there for this exercise because they play a slate of ACC teams each year and all of their other sports are in the ACC conference. Jaylon Smith also makes the ACC team at inside linebacker.

For the PAC 12 team, the Cowboys are represented by Tyron Smith. Newcomer Gerald McCoy is one of the picks at defensive tackle for the Big 12. He is joined on that squad by another newcomer to the Cowboys, CeeDee Lamb, who is slotted in as the “flex” player on offense.

Finally comes the non-Power 5 team and you know one of the Cowboys made this. It’s DeMarcus Lawrence who is the choice as a defensive end. Leighton Vander Esch was under consideration for linebacker but was beat out by Bobby Wagner and Darius Leonard.

If you’re trying to kill a little time today, it’s a fun look at the stars of the NFL bunched together by school or conference. It’s nice to see the Cowboys so well represented in these all-star teams.