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CeeDee Lamb’s goals aren’t too big, just be a Hall of Famer

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Lamb joins the Cowboys 88 Club and is ready to uphold the legacy.

NFL: Combine Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

If you like your receivers confident and with a little bit of swagger, then CeeDee Lamb is your guy. Of course, most of the best receivers in history have had that level of confidence that says they can take on anybody and come out on top. The Cowboys even have an unofficial club for those guys, the 88 Club.

From Drew Pearson, to Michael Irvin, to Dez Bryant, the number 88 has been synonymous with outstanding receiver play in Dallas. Lamb is the latest to take up the mantle, and he’s not shy about it. He’s embracing it and is ready to proclaim his ultimate goal.

“Be a Hall of Famer,” Lamb said boldly when asked for his career goals. “Have as much of an impact or more that Michael [Irvin] had on the game and on America’s Team. I want to be on a team that makes unbelievable memories together. I feel like that is what we are going to do here.”

“I can’t wait.”

That’s coming out of the gate strong. Originally Lamb was going to wear #10, but after some not-so-subtle hints from owner Jerry Jones, Lamb decided to embrace wearing #88. Especially after he learned about the history of the number with the Cowboys.

“That is a legendary number for the legendary America’s team,” Lamb said. “For me to go out there and represent the great legends that have worn that number is a huge presentable moment. I can’t wait to live it out for the first time. I want to continue the legacy of 88. The 88 club is something big in Dallas. I want to live up to it.”

Michael Irvin is already a huge fan. Lamb called him shortly after being drafted to get his advice on like in the NFL and as a Cowboys receiver. The Playmaker has given his stamp of approval.

Irvin is already a big fan of Lamb and the decision to give him 88.

“In order to get this number you must be what we call a ‘true bred,’” Irvin said shortly after the draft. “That means born, bleed and bred right here with the Dallas Cowboys. Drew Pearson was that. Michael Irvin was that. Dez Bryant was that and now CeeDee Lamb is that. And I love this kid.

”I ain’t talking about ‘I like this kid.’ I love this kid.”

Obviously Lamb has yet to do a thing for the Cowboys. So we shouldn’t get out the anointing oil just yet. Still, there is a palpable excitement about Lamb joining the Cowboys, in large part due to his stellar career at Oklahoma. Everyone can see his talent, but what his high school and college coaches also talk about is his drive and work ethic.

“He was always self motivated, dedicated to his craft,” [Oklahoma receivers coach Dennis] Simmons said. “You saw the drive and determination and passion this kid has to be among the best. And it came to life. I am not surprised. I saw the work ethic he put in to get to this point. One thing the Cowboys will see is what you saw on game day is the same effort and energy that we saw every day in practice. If he carries the same traits to the NFL, the sky’s the limit for him.”

So just what are the Cowboys getting in CeeDee Lamb? Why not get the answer from the source.

“Another playmaker, another dominant performer, another guy who loves to win,” [Lamb] said. “That is what I feel I bring to the table. I can’t wait to get to Dallas to show everybody what the Cowboys are bringing to the table.”

Football anyone?