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The people betting the over for the 2020 Dallas Cowboys are doing so with confidence

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Money talks, and in this case it likes the Cowboys.

Dallas Cowboys Introduce Head Coach Mike McCarthy Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images

The Dallas Cowboys are among the teams that many people who study the NFL believe will be successful in 2020. It makes sense that there would be hype around America’s Team considering they had one of the most efficient offenses in the NFL last year, added CeeDee Lamb to it, and are under different leadership at the head coaching post.

When it comes to expected win totals and things like that, there are varying thoughts and lines being set in terms of Dallas. Our friends at DraftKings have the Cowboys set at 10.5 and speaking only for myself, that is a pretty spot on place to land.

You can see the Cowboys winning 11 games in 2020, but winning that many games is hard regardless of who you are. Most people seem to believe that Dallas will be able to pull that off and believe so with gusto.

Almost all of the money involved to this point is on the Cowboys hitting the over

If there is one thing that Dallas Cowboys fans never lack, it is surely confidence. There are many people around here who can certainly see Dallas returning to form this season, but just how confident are they?

DraftKings Nation put together a rundown on how the public is betting the NFC East at the moment, and while just over half of the group believes the Cowboys will hit the over, they are putting a lot of money on that happening.

Dallas Cowboys, Win total: 10.5

Over (-130): 85% handle, 54% bets

Under (+107): 15% handle, 46% bets

Notable additions: S HaHa Clinton-Dix, CB Daryl Worley, DE Gerald McCoy, WR CeeDee Lamb*, CB Trevon Diggs*

Notable departures: CB Byron Jones, TE Jason Witten, DT Maliek Collins, S Jeff Heath, WR Randall Cobb, DE Robert Quinn

Dallas upped their offensive power in the draft with CeeDee Lamb, but lost Byron Jones to weaken their pass defense. A new head coach in Mike McCarthy is also a move that puts a wrinkle in projections, but betters are on board. After an 8-8 season where the team didn’t play up to expectations, the expectations remain with 85 percent of the handle on the over. The Cowboys have topped 10.5 wins twice in the last ten years, but they have the ability this year if they can bring things together.

Handle is the total amount of money bet so while only 54% of bets are on the Cowboys hitting the over, they comprise 85% of all money in the proverbial pot. Those are some confident people!

There is no doubt that the Cowboys did lose a significant level of contribution on defense as Byron Jones and Robert Quinn are both now elsewhere. A strong offense and porous defense could lead to people betting the over on the Cowboys on a weekly basis.

As long as it all leads to 11 or so wins, it’ll all be fun anyway.