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Check out how CeeDee Lamb looks in his Dallas Cowboys uniform

The new number 88 for the Cowboys has arrived.

Oklahoma v Texas Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

The Dallas Cowboys have a long and rich history when it comes to certain jersey numbers. Number 94 belongs to what will very soon be two Pro Football Hall of Famers as Charles Haley and DeMarcus Ware both wore it. Hopefully Randy Gregory is capable of putting a special career together if he does get reinstated.

It feels like people have slept on the number 22, but it has had two HOFers for a decade now as Bob Hayes and Emmitt Smith both donned the double deuce.

If you agree that people are sleeping on 22 then they are down right hibernating when it comes to number 70 as Rayfield Wright wore it and Zack Martin has upheld it with great honor. Needless to say there are a lot of digits in this team’s history that have seen great football played with them on.

CeeDee Lamb looks great in number 88

There is perhaps no more famous number in Dallas Cowboys history than 88. The original was, of course, Drew Pearson, while the flashiest and most successful was Michael Irvin. Dez Bryant carried the number very well to the point that he caught more touchdowns than anybody who has ever played for the team. That’s a tough standard to live up to.

However big the expectations are of a number 88, the Cowboys clearly believe that CeeDee Lamb is capable of living up to them. They handed him the number after drafting him 17th overall, in the middle of some usual debate, and we have long waited to get a look at him wearing it ever since. The wait is over.

Lamb posted this photo on Instagram and is clearly at The Star in Frisco. He’s wearing his team uniform which suggests he did some sort of photo shoot whether for promotional purposes or the in-game stuff that they show on the jumbotron. It is to date our first look of him in a Cowboys uniform.

Previously we saw Lamb rocking his Cowboys helmet, although it was void of a star because he is a rookie. Some find these kinds of things a bit trivial, but it is undoubtedly fun to see one of the team’s shiniest new pieces in the franchise’s storied uniform.

There is officially a new number 88 in town.

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