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Cowboys prepared for Dak Prescott to play on franchise tag if necessary

The deadline for Dak and Dallas to agree is coming fast.

Washington Redskins v Dallas Cowboys Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images

We are just a few days away from July 15th which is a rather important day for the Dallas Cowboys. By Wednesday, the organization must have a long-term contract in place with Dak Prescott or else their star quarterback must play the 2020 season on the franchise tag. While Dak is under contract for this season by way of the tag, getting into a gambling match with someone who plays the most important position in football is risky business.

For over a year now the Cowboys and Prescott have seemingly gone back and forth with offers, counteroffers, and everything in between. With time running out, where do they stand before the deadline?

The Cowboys are reportedly prepared for Dak Prescott to play on the tag

It’s not the worst thing in the world for a team to have their quarterback play on the tag, it has been done in recent memory by players like Kirk Cousins. Minnesota now employs Cousins by way of what was originally a three-year deal that set a landmark for being fully guaranteed, but what about Dak and the Cowboys?

According to ESPN’s Jeremy Fowler, the organization is seemingly prepared for Dak to play on the tag if things get to that point. Considering that we are just a few days away it makes sense that they would be prepared.

“I’m told the Cowboys are not worried right now. They’re going to play this all the way up to the deadline, and they’re hopeful that Dak Prescott will take their latest, best offer. Whether that’s a new offer at the deadline or their old offer. Because they didn’t hash anything out a few months ago, it’s been very quiet since then. To the point where several league sources believe that nothing is going to get done here. Because Dak already signed his franchise tag tender, that’s maybe conceding that nothing is going to get done. But the Cowboys feel they’re in a good spot and they’re prepared for him to play on the franchise tag if necessary. And Dak wants almost a bulletproof contract, solid, four-year structure.”

None of this should be surprising as it is all normal jargon for the weekend before a franchise tag deadline like this. The Cowboys have been through this before and typically don’t budge when it comes to long-term contracts until the eleventh hour. It is still the tenth.

One part of Fowler’s report was that Dak Prescott is seeking a “bulletproof contract”, one that he detailed as being of a four-year variety. This isn’t new information given that this is what has reportedly been what Dak Prescott’s representation has long wanted, but many wondered if the 10-year deal signed by Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes this past week would change things. It seems as if that has not altered anything.

There is obviously a question about football for the upcoming season, but this business element of the game is not going away for the Cowboys. They will have to get a long-term deal signed very soon or risk the unknown.

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