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Looks like the Dallas Cowboys are wearing a special patch to commemorate their 60th anniversary

60 years is a long time.

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We are all hopeful that this fall will bring football with it as it always has, and we are hopeful for the obvious reasons.

Football is fun. Football is awesome (and pain). Football is why we all show up here to discuss, analyze, and ultimately debate the details of, well, football. We have all chosen to root for the Dallas Cowboys and the overall hope is that the upcoming season will be one of note for them.

This upcoming season is actually a landmark one for the franchise, if you were unaware. 2020 is significant not just in that it is the first season under new head coach Mike McCarthy, but the Dallas Cowboys have turned 60 years old as an organization. Six decades!

We have seen the team (and other teams for that matter) honor points of history in different ways over the years. Sometimes there are honorary things, other instances yield banners, and then there’s the signature patch on the jersey. Speaking of!

Looks like the Cowboys are wearing a special 60th anniversary patch this season

We have seen various teams across the NFL celebrate their franchise’s anniversary by way of patches before, and the Cowboys themselves have had a couple. They honored the great Tom Landry with an iconic fedora patch, they donned a special Texas Stadium tribute during the final game at the venue, and they wore a 50th anniversary patch throughout the 2010 season.

This is the time of year where teams and brands are doing photoshoots of players to utilize across the season and thanks to social media these often leak. Cowboys rookie cornerback Trevon Diggs was seen in some photos on and on one of them you can see the logo that the team has been using to celebrate the 60th anniversary.

If you have been a Cowboys fan for long enough you have likely seen this logo before as it is quite the throwback. Oftentimes these sorts of tribute patches tend to just be a block number noting the number of years, it’s cool to see the Cowboys go a little bit different with their approach.

It is unknown whether jerseys with this patch or even just the patch itself will be available for purchase (we’ll update this when we know more). For what it’s worth the NFL just celebrated its 100th season and every player’s jersey had the NFL 100 logo at the middle of the collar. Those jerseys were available for sale so perhaps this particular patch or jerseys with it will be as well.

The last time that the Cowboys wore an anniversary patch was the 2010 season and it was that year that Mike McCarthy’s team won the Super Bowl, coincidentally in the stadium that the Cowboys play in.

Hopefully that particular part of history repeats itself.

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