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UPDATE: Article claims the Cowboys have "all but given up hope" on Randy Gregory being reinstated

Another twist in the long sage of Randy Gregory.

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Clarence Hill has updated his statement below that the Cowboys have “all but given up hope” that Randy Gregory will be reinstated.


Earlier this offseason, after the Cowboys signed defensive end Aldon Smith, they had to wait on commissioner Roger Goodell to reinstate him from suspension. That process moved along smoothly and that gave many hope that the same would happen for defensive end Randy Gregory. So far, that certainly hasn't been the case.

It was roughly a couple of months ago when we were told that Gregory's reinstatement was in the works, and with a new CBA that was much more lenient with marijuana penalties, there was genuine hope that Gregory would soon be back. There has been no word from the league on the issue, and now there is a report that the Cowboys have basically given up on the idea of Gregory being reinstated.

This comes from an article by Clarence E. Hill, Jr. in the Star-Telegram where he is recounting a bunch of things about the Cowboys offseason. Toward the end of it he drops in this sentence.

The team has also all but given up hope of defensive end Randy Gregory being reinstated from indefinite suspension.

That's it. No explanation as to why that is, who among the Cowboys organization has said it, or if there are league sources telling him any reason behind it. So, absent any other information, it's hard to understand that. Maybe Hill will come forward with some more information that would substantiate what he claims in the article.

But for now, that's all we have. More wait and see.

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