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Chad Johnson challenged CeeDee Lamb to improve his Madden rating

Ochocinco has a challenge for the rookie.

Athletes And YouTube Stars Team For DOOM Videogame Tournament Photo by Jonathan Leibson/Getty Images for Bethesda Softworks

It is just about the middle of July which means training camps will be starting soon (hopefully) and that not too long after that we will all be able to hit an NFL field ourselves by way of the year’s new Madden game. Football season, again hopefully, is almost here.

When it comes to football’s most beloved video game (as far as professional football goes), part of the ritual every year is seeing how the new players are graded/evaluated. If you have never played Madden before, the concept is fairly simple. Each player across the NFL is rated based on how good they are, and they perform better with better ratings. Nice and easy.

Evaluating someone for something like this is never an easy task, but it is especially different when looking at the league’s upcoming rookies. We all know how good they were in college, but how will their skills translate to the NFL?

CeeDee Lamb has a 75 overall Madden rating

In the game each player has different skills/attributes rated differently. Your speed may be one thing, power another, catching this, throwing that, you get the picture. There are different skills for different players.

The Dallas Cowboys happen to have a player that should be an awful lot of fun to play a video game with as they drafted wide receiver CeeDee Lamb. He has an overall rating of 75 in the game, and former NFL receiver Chad Johnson challenged him to help improve it.

This is obviously a bit of a playful challenge, and that’s what video games are supposed to be at their heart, fun and entertaining. Chad Johnson has been one of the more charismatic people in the NFL for some time so seeing him interact with Lamb is neat.

Of course Johnson was also one of the game’s great technicians when he was playing so if Lamb can learn anything at all from him then that’s a very good thing. Cheers to that happening.

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