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Dak Prescott was not the only Todd France client to not sign an extension at the franchise tag deadline

Dak Prescott’s agent drives a hard bargain.

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Contracts are complicated in the NFL. It takes a front office, a player, and an agent, among other variables, to complete a deal. We just saw the Cowboys and Dak Prescott, who is represented by CAA’s Todd France, fail to complete a contract extension ahead of Wednesday’s franchise tag deadline.

Both sides have taken some flack for not being able to agree to terms, especially since it was reported that the two sides attempted to get something done — or at the very least spoke after not a lot of communication previously — in the final minutes. The vast majority believe that the Cowboys botched this and should have completed a deal with their quarterback last offseason; however, on the flip side, it does take two to tango.

Nonetheless, we enter a second consecutive season without knowing how much longer the Cowboys will have number 4 behind center, and Prescott has another chance to play a prove-it year.

Prescott hired France as his agent back in 2018 in preparation for a big deal once his four-year rookie deal expired. France represents a number of players around the league, including Arizona Cardinals star receiver DeAndre Hopkins, and it has been known that he was looking to make Prescott the highest paid quarterback in the NFL.

That was to be expected, as Prescott has proven to be among the best quarterbacks in the league since his rookie season in 2016. Since France was hired by Prescott, we have seen Jared Goff, Carson Wentz, Russell Wilson, and Patrick Mahomes cash-in. Although the deal did not come to fruition this offseason, Prescott will again be in contention for a big-money deal next offseason — although Dallas does have the option to place the tag on him for a second consecutive year.

France had three free agents up for new deals this offseason. In addition to Prescott, two AFC defenders were looking to sign extensions with their respective organizations — safety Justin Simmons of the Denver Broncos and EDGE Bud Dupree of the Pittsburgh Steelers — however, both will be playing on the tag in 2020 along with Prescott.

John Elway and the Denver Broncos reportedly offered Simmons a deal that would have “made him in the top-5 or top-6 highest-paid at his position”, while Dupree filed a grievance with the NFL regarding the position for which he was tagged. Dallas, meanwhile, reportedly offered Prescott around $33-$35 million and $110 million in guaranteed money. Those numbers, though, are in dispute by the various principals involved.

It is an agent’s job to get his client the best deal, which typically involves the most money. For France, he saw a better opportunity for three of his clients to play on a prove-it season while on the franchise tag rather than inking in for a long-term deal. As a result, the talk around Dak and the Cowboys will rage on for at least another year.

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