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What is the most unique piece of Dallas Cowboys memorabilia that you own?

The stories behind them are probably great.

Super Bowl XXVII

Full disclosure here, my family and I moved a week or so ago. In case you were wondering, or there was somehow still any level of doubt, moving sucks and will always suck.

Early on in this process I decided to try and embrace every road bump and consider it a future memory for us. I have found that this helps if you are looking for moving advice. Thankfully all of our stuff is in our new place and the unpacking process is over.

In moving, I obviously packed up and found a lot of things that I’ve kept for some time. We all have things that we cherish and are sentimental to us for one reason or the other, and oftentimes those are the most stressful to move (“Don’t touch that!”).

This got me thinking, what are the most-cherished Dallas Cowboys artifact or piece of memorabilia that you own? Maybe it’s a jersey you could safely tuck it away in a suitcase, or perhaps it’s a bit larger and you had to be far more tactical with how you would plan on moving it. Whatever the case, there are surely plenty of great stories from the BTB community as far as Dallas Cowboys-related things that you own.

Football is hopefully happening soon which means now is our last opportunity to look back before we focus forward. In the spirit of that, what is the most unique piece of Dallas Cowboys memorabilia that you own?

Ready. Set. Go.

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