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New report says the NFL has now offered to play no preseason games this year

It looks like the NFL has decided that preseason isn’t needed in 2020.

NFL: Super Bowl LIV-City Views Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Earlier today there were reports that the NFL was going to propose that NFL teams play one preseason game heading into the 2020 season. This was going to be the Week 3 game, generally known as the dress rehearsal. Now, that information appears to be out of date as new reports are coming in that the NFL is offering to wipe out the whole preseason slate.

Additionally, the NFL is clarifying more of their timeline and how they will deal with opt-outs.

It appears that the NFL and the NFLPA are making some progress on creating the framework for a season. Weeks ago we had heard that the NFLPA was in favor of no preseason games and it appears that is going to be what they get.

For the teams, this produces an unusual situation for building a roster. Having no offseason program combined with a shortened training camp, plus no preseason games, means anybody new trying to make the roster is going to have a hard time. UDFAs and newly-acquired veterans at the bottom of the roster could struggle to get recognized this year. Rosters may have a very strong continuity from last season as organizations go with what they know with limited opportunities for others to make an impression.

The start of the season is likely to be a bit ragged. Teams will have to come together under game conditions after a limited training camp. Should be an interesting season, but the positive news is that so far, the NFL is doing what it can to have a season.

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