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Former Dallas Cowboys DL Michael Bennett is officially retiring from the NFL

All the best to Michael Bennett.

NFL: Dallas Cowboys at Detroit Lions Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

When last season’s trade deadline approached the Dallas Cowboys, to the shock of some, got in the game and pulled off a move for a defensive linemen. Considering they were down Tyrone Crawford at the time many were excited to see the team getting a bit aggressive in looking for veterans with gas left in the tank.

Before the season, the Cowboys had just pulled off a similar move with much success in their acquisition of Robert Quinn. It didn’t exactly yield the same results with Michael Bennett, but there is no doubt that the former Super Bowl Champion made an impact during his time in Dallas.

Bennett has long been regarded as one of the more interesting personalities to play in the National Football League. The Cowboys trading for him provided some interest both on and off the field, and while there was a school of thought that the team could bring him back for 2020, he is officially calling it a career.

Michael Bennett is officially retiring from the NFL

As mentioned Michael Bennett did taste football’s ultimately glory as a member of the 2013 Seattle Seahawks. Since then (before then he played for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers) he has played for the Philadelphia Eagles, New England Patriots, and most recently the Dallas Cowboys. He announced his retirement from the NFL on Tuesday morning.

Michael Bennett has seemingly had his eye on off the field opportunities for some time. He and his wife have a podcast together and as mentioned, he has always been an interesting personality in the game. In case you somehow forgot Michael was not the first member of his family to play for the Cowboys as the team drafted his brother, Martellus, back in 2008. They have both won Super Bowls (Martellus with the 2016 Patriots) and will both likely go on to do some interesting things.

Not at all to minimize what Bennett contributed on the field, the defensive lineman might ultimately have his time in Dallas be known for the impassioned speech that he gave the team in the locker room following their Thanksgiving Day loss to the Buffalo Bills. The wheels were really falling off of the team at that point in time and Michael Bennett, seemingly not accustomed to losing games that you are supposed to win, had had enough and voiced his opinion.

All the best to Michael Bennett in retirement.

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