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Jay Glazer says Dak Prescott is the guy at quarterback for the Cowboys, “people just don’t understand”

There is never a shortage of opinion when it comes to Dak Prescott.

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Los Angeles Rams v Dallas Cowboys Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images

We are officially one week removed from the Dallas Cowboys and Dak Prescott not agreeing to a long-term deal. The impact of this won’t be fully known or able to be properly quantified until this season is over, and there are obviously a lot of questions hanging in the balance in the meantime.

Perhaps the biggest question in the air is what the Cowboys are thinking. This is true in a lot of ways as some wonder why they didn’t agree to Dak Prescott’s contract demands, and others wonder whether the team truly believes in him given that they did not.

One NFL insider’s opinion thinks the Cowboys should believe in Prescott and that they likely do.

Jay Glazer says Dak Prescott is “absolutely” the guy for the Cowboys

Jay Glazer’s scoops this offseason have been very impactful when it comes to the Dallas Cowboys as he was the one who first reported that they would be hiring Mike McCarthy to be their head coach. Glazer does a weekly mailbag over at The Athletic and this week he was asked if he bought that Dak Prescott was the guy for the future in Dallas.

Would you buy or sell Dak as the right piece for Dallas at QB moving forward? —Kyle A.

Absolutely buy, he’s the guy. I’ve said it all along, there’s so much other stuff that goes into being the quarterback of the Dallas Cowboys. He does a lot of other things behind the scenes with the way he leads them and how he helps his teammates take care of themselves. People just don’t understand. He probably doesn’t get enough credit for that.

Dak’s leadership is something that is constantly referenced and is obviously a valuable quality. It is difficult to put a price on all of those things behind the scenes that aren’t as visible as the on-the-field statistical debate about him being the franchise quarterback for the Cowboys.

Good thing all we have is another year of all this!

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