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The Cowboys veteran player that PFF chose as a potential trade piece seems very unlikely

Trading this Cowboys player probably wouldn’t go over too well with the fanbase.

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Just two years ago the Dallas Cowboys were in wide receiver wilderness. The company line was “wide receiver by committee” but to the shock of no one a group of Allen Hurns, Deonte Thompson, Terrance Williams, and Cole Beasley were not enough for the Cowboys to function effectively on offense during the first half of 2018. Amari Cooper was traded for and things changed significantly.

While that group had its struggles, it did feature a prominent rookie that would explode the following year in Michael Gallup. From the moment that Dallas took Gallup in the third round that year there were many believers in him, but acclimating to the NFL takes time.

Michael Gallup is one of the more promising wide receivers in the league today and in an offense with Amari Cooper, and recently drafted CeeDee Lamb, he figures to do some serious damage. It is for this reason that many Cowboys fans want to hold on to Gallup so the idea of parting with him is one that they scoff at rather abruptly.

PFF chose Michael Gallup as the veteran on the Cowboys that could be traded

We are, assuming all normal scheduling holds, approaching the time of year where fantasy football is at the forefront of a lot of people’s minds. It is generally around now when people plan their draft, how things are going to go, and obviously work on their strategy.

The fine folks over at PFF looked through the fantasy lens in a bit of a unique way and wondered about veterans that could be traded from every NFL team and the fantasy-related impact that those hypothetical trades could have. These trades involve veterans and the one that they chose for the Cowboys was the aforementioned Gallup.


Gallup is not a free agent until the 2022 season, but with a huge Dak Prescott contract looming over the Cowboys next season, they are going to need to make some tough financial decisions. Adding CeeDee Lamb in the draft makes Gallup much more expendable, especially if the rookie can come out of the gates hot.

There were already trade rumors swirling about Gallup potentially going to the Jets in a Jamal Adams swap. If a trade ultimately happens, Lamb and tight end Blake Jarwin would see immediate spikes in values.

Both of those players are going late at their respective positions — Lamb as WR43 and Jarwin as TE19 — making them players you can draft late and be patient with.

It is important to remember here that PFF is looking at fantasy-related things. So their advice, in this particular instance, is to target and/or stash players like CeeDee Lamb or Blake Jarwin in the event that Michael Gallup were to be traded because then they would be viable fantasy options. Still, though, even that hypothetical is tough to stomach as it involves the Dallas Cowboys trading away Michael Gallup.

Others have proposed this possibility over the last few months given that the Cowboys drafted CeeDee Lamb (who recently agreed to terms on his rookie contract, by the way). It is easy to look at what seems like a surplus and come up with a way to turn that into an answer where there is a question at a different position, but the reality is that Amari Cooper would likely be traded before Michael Gallup (either is pretty implausible).

The Cowboys can get out of the deal they gave Amari Cooper this offseason in two years which is right when Michael Gallup is set to be a free agent. It stands to reason that come 2022 the Cowboys might part ways with Cooper, extend Gallup, and continue to watch Lamb prosper. But that is still a ways away and we need to see a lot more before then.

Do you buy the Cowboys trading Michael Gallup at some point over the next year or two?

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