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Happy 4th: Watch how America’s Team declared their natural rights to winning

Just another notch in the cap of the greatest team to ever play the game of football.

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: DEC 27 Holiday Bowl - USC v Iowa Photo by John Cordes/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Happy Fourth of July everyone!

It’s been a rough year so far, so it’s always nice to take a moment to escape from the everyday grind and spend some quality time with the family. Whether your thing is barbecuing, throwing back some suds, or the inclination to light things up and watch them explode, the 4th has something for everyone. Just remember to be safe out there.

Since this is a day to celebrate America’s independence, what better way to do that than to acknowledge another wonderful achievement of America’s Team. Earlier this week, we provided a nice little bar chart race that showed how the Cowboys have racked up the most wins in the NFC East since 1960, the first year all four of the current divisional teams were in the league.

BTB member zigg6411 mentioned that it would be nice to see a race with how well each NFL team has done in head-to-head matchups throughout their history. You ask, we oblige.

And wouldn’t you know it, the Cowboys are yet again leading the pack, winning their head-to-head battles against 23 teams. That is pretty amazing, considering the average NFL team has the advantage over just 14 teams.

The Cowboys were .500 against three different teams. They were 7-7 against the Miami Dolphins, although I seem to know of a late January game back in 1972 that we could use as a tiebreaker if anyone’s asking. They went 12-12 against the Minnesota Vikings, but once again - if we count playoff games, the Cowboys have a 4-3 edge, but we realize to use that is sorta like a Hail Mary stat grab. Dallas is also 6-6 against the Oakland/Los Angeles Raiders.

If you’ve done the math (31 minus 23 minus another 3), that leaves five teams remaining that the Cowboys have a losing record against. Do you know which teams they are? Go ahead and think about it, we’ll wait.

A couple of these teams might not surprise you as they’ve been a thorn in the Cowboys side for many years. The San Francisco 49ers hold a 15-13 advantage in the regular season; however, the Cowboys have shown up when it counted the most. Seven times these teams have met in the postseason, with the Cowboys winning five of them.

The Green Bay Packers have a 16-13 edge, and they also have a deep postseason history with the Cowboys. They’ve squared off eight different times in the playoffs with the series split, four games a piece.

The Denver Broncos have won two-thirds of their contests with the Cowboy as they have an 8-4 advantage. Of course, the Cowboys won the most important matchup when they took down Super Bowl XII.

But the team that has the biggest ownage over Dallas is the Baltimore Ravens, holding a 4-1 edge. In fact, the Ravens were the only team in the NFL that the Cowboys had never beaten until Dak Prescott and company came along in 2016 to get their first win ever against them.

And finally, the last team on this list is one that might surprise you. The Cleveland Browns hold a 15-13 advantage. In fact, no team in the NFC East has a winning record against the Browns. Some may forget that Cleveland was actually pretty good in the ‘60s and then again in the ‘80s before some guy named Bill Belichick showed up. I guess he was so bad the owner fired him and moved the team to Baltimore, which we now know as the Ravens. So if you want to get technical - there is really only four teams that have a winning record against the Cowboys.

There are also some interesting nuggets with these stats. Can you believe the Detroit Lions only have a winning record against five NFL teams, and one of those teams just happens to be the New York Giants. The Arizona Cardinals are in the same boat with only five head-to-head wins to their name. And one of those teams are the Philadelphia Eagles. Of course, we got mad respect for our NFC East divisional foes, so it’s not really our place to throw shade on those guys. Plus, I’m sure they tried their hardest.

Winning all these games, and beating all these teams - it’s a part of the Cowboys history and it’s never going to stop being fun to take a moment and bask in all it’s glory.

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