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Jason Garrett thanked the Dallas Cowboys during his first media session with the New York Giants

The former Cowboys head coach spoke to the media for the first time since joining the Giants.

Washington Redskins v Dallas Cowboys Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images

The last football game that the Dallas Cowboys played feels like forever ago. It was actually the final time that the Washington Football Team played a game under their old nickname. Not only was Washington’s last game under their old nickname a 47-16 loss to the Cowboys, it was possibly the last game where Jason Garrett served as a head coach in the NFL.

As things stand, Garrett is the offensive coordinator for the New York Giants. 2020 is the first year that the Cowboys will not have Garrett on their sidelines since 2006 as he will be patrolling the Meadowlands.

Jason Garrett thanked the Cowboys during his first media session with the Giants

While it is not breaking news that Mike McCarthy now occupies the post that Jason Garrett used to, the reality is that due to the nature of the last few months we haven’t heard much from the former Cowboys head coach.

There was no ceremony to watch him leave the team, no goodbye press conference, nothing of the sort. It has been relatively quiet on the Jason Garrett front since that win against Washington, but all of that changed Tuesday when he met with the New York Giants media for the first time.

In true Jason Garrett fashion, he was a class act. He started off with a statement of sorts and thanked the Cowboys organization before noting that he wanted to keep the focus on the G-Men. You can listen to his session right here.

“This is the first time I’ve really officially spoken to the media since coming to the Giants from the Cowboys. I just want to acknowledge my time in Dallas and how grateful I am for that whole experience and everyone in the Cowboy organization for the opportunity and for the support and the lifelong friendships that I’ve made.”

“To the players, the coaches, and the staff members who were with me and made my life way better, I am eternally grateful to them and really appreciative of having them in my life and for that experience. Awfully proud of the program that we built and the teams that we had.”

“We had a lot of great days there. So again I’m very grateful for that experience and for the people who made that experience what it was.”

As expected, Garrett did not want to pursue any other line of questioning about his end in Dallas.

Any time there is change like this the first [insert whatever] is always the most weird. The first time seeing Mike McCarthy or Jason Garrett in their new colors, their first press conferences with different backgrounds, you get the picture. It is no surprise that Jason Garrett was humble and respectful in talking about his former team.

All the best to him moving forward.

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