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Dak Prescott press conference: QB discusses contract negotiations, the national anthem and the bubble

Dak Prescott took on a wide-ranging set of questions from the media that touched on today’s hot topics.

NFL: Dallas Cowboys at Houston Texans Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

There hasn’t been nearly as much speaking to the press from the Dallas Cowboys this training camp as there usually is during regular times. The team is trying to remedy that somewhat today by holding a series of press conferences. Quarterback Dak Prescott took his turn behind the mic and here is what he had to say.

Any frustrations with not getting a long-term deal

Dak Prescott’s first question was about his contract negotiations this offseason and he noted that business is business. He said that he is focused on his job as the team’s quarterback and that he is hopeful that he will be a Cowboy for the rest of his career. He believes that a deal will get done and that he is very excited about the team this year.

A hard offseason for Dak

2020 has been a difficult year for Dak Prescott as his brother passed away this offseason. He noted that it has been tough on him, his family, and that our entire world and country have obviously been going through a lot.

He did note that this did not affect anything to do with contract negotiations.

Social justice

Dak Prescott was asked about conversations going on across the NFL regarding social justice and he acknowledged that they are ongoing. He was asked if he will take a knee for the National Anthem and he noted that he believes a football team is one and should reflect the beliefs and thoughts of everyone involved. He said that conversations are happening among the team about how they will represent themselves and how they will represent the team.

Dak noted that he believes this is a time to listen so that everyone can relate to one another.

Thoughts on Jerry Jones’ support for social justice

Dak was asked if he felt supported by Jerry Jones and referenced Jerry’s comments about grace during the team’s State of the Union address. He reiterated that he wants to listen before acting. He thought that Jerry might have been taking in information and listening before speaking. He noted that he would support any player that wanted to protest by taking a knee during the National Anthem and believes in supporting everyone. He said that he supports life and the good in people.

Dak’s platform

Dak discussed the million dollar pledge that he made this offseason and the letter that he wrote to the Governor of Oklahoma. He spoke about how he educated himself this offseason and that he believes in doing so before acting. He mentioned that he does not support the defunding of police but that he does support rooting out corruption and any problems in law enforcement to make everyone feel safe.

His thoughts were very poignant and thoughtful. You should really head to the mothership and listen to them all for yourself.

Working with teammates over the offseason

Dak noted that he’s always dreamed about having a football field in his backyard and that having it ultimately led to a great benefit over the course of the last few months amid Covid-19.

He noted that the Cowboys players have been out there and have been working together for a good amount of time.

Being leaner

Many people have noted that Dak Prescott appears to be leaner this offseason. He noted that he is the exact same weight and that he cannot pinpoint why that is.

Mike McCarthy and Jason Garrett are different

Dak said that his new head coach and old one are very different but that different can be a good thing. He said he is very excited about what McCarthy can do for the team and him as a quarterback. He mentioned the way Mike McCarthy is bringing his football knowledge to things and that he is a really genuine guy.

Dak never considered opting out

Several players across the National Football League chose to opt out of the 2020 NFL season. Dak noted that it never crossed his mind to do so and that football is his safe haven and place for peace.

Dak doesn’t dwell on the future

Asked if he has any concern about not having his future secured, Prescott noted that he doesn’t focus on that. He said that he enjoys every day of life, rejoices in it, and is thankful for it.

Dak is already at the Omni Hotel

The Cowboys are creating a bubble-like environment at the Omni Hotel at The Star in Frisco. Dak acknowledged that he is already there and that the idea was something that leaders on the team came together and thought of. He noted that most Cowboys are at the Omni and that those that aren’t have very good reason for not being there. He estimated maybe 90% of players are there.

CeeDee Lamb is impressive

Prescott said that he has been very impressed with who CeeDee Lamb is as a player and as a person. He also said he is a great athlete but wants to learn. He follows Coop around (Amari Cooper), he also asks questions. He said that CeeDee even made a remark about how much he enjoys special teams.

He also called CeeDee a “young man” if you want to feel old.

Dak said he has an agent that he trusts

Todd France, Dak Prescott’s agent, mutually parted ways from CAA (Creative Artists Agency). Dak said he has an agent that he trusts and even named Todd by name which suggests that he is sticking with him. He said he would be involved in negotiations if needed but that he trusts Stephen Jones and his agent to get a deal done.

Communication is key

Prescott said that communication has been happening all over the place with the team’s new coaches which is an exciting thing. He was very respectful of the old coaching regime and said he is excited about the upcoming season.

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