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The Everson Griffen signing gives more cover for the Cowboys secondary concerns

The Cowboys have said they are excited about their young secondary but this move shows they still want to protect them.

Dallas Cowboys v Minnesota Vikings Photo by Tom Dahlin/Getty Images

When the Dallas Cowboys take the field this season, many are going to notice that talent they’ve amassed along the defensive line during the offseason. They have signed Gerald McCoy, Dontari Poe, and Everson Griffen, plus they are still waiting to hear back from the NFL about the possible reinstatement of pass rusher Randy Gregory. That’s so much talent that it will start to make you wonder if they are worried about their young secondary and how they will perform this season.

If they are, then it’s for good reason, as they will be facing off against a slew of talented receivers this season, early and often. Cooper Kupp, Julio Jones, Odell Beckham Jr. and Jarvis Landry to name a few. These players have beaten the Cowboys even when they had more experienced players in the secondary to cover them. So that’s a tough ask for a young secondary that will be learning a new and more complex scheme than they’ve played in the past.

The Cowboys decision to add the most talent we’ve seen in a while to the defensive line will be looked upon as a way ease the pressure, and try to make things a little easier, for the secondary. They should be able to get more pressure on the quarterback, especially after the signing of the talented defensive end Griffen this week.

The cornerbacks and safeties will need time to get comfortable with the scheme terminology and where they need to be on the field on each play. The coaching staff will also need to see how they can mix-and-match their secondary pieces in the first few games until they find units that gel together. With no preseason games, finding the right personnel will come down to utilizing the first few games of the season. The defensive line creating pressure would ease that transition.

Creating more pressure should give them more chances to make plays on the football, something the Cowboys desperately need. Forcing turnovers is a concern every year considering the lack of success the team has had in that area recently. More pressure up front should help the secondary cash in on some opportunities.

This is a smart move by the Cowboys and a move that could prove to be a deciding factor in quite a few games.

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