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We might be starting to understand where the Cowboys like each of their two Connors

The Cowboys have to sort out where they are going to play the Connors on the offensive line.

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The Dallas Cowboys were given Wednesday off which means that it served as a perfect day for some introspection. Training camp has been dramatically different in 2020 than ever before as we navigate things amid Covid-19. While some NFL teams are a bit more giving with content concerning what is going on in practices, the Cowboys have things under lock and key during their first year with Mike McCarthy at the helm.

Thankfully the outstanding local media has done a great job of providing nuggets for us to digest. One of them in particular was so meaty it was like when two chicken nuggets are accidentally seared together in the frying process.

Are we starting to understand where the Cowboys like each of their Connors?

We have talked extensively this offseason about how or where the Cowboys will end up using each of their two Connors: Connor Williams and Connor McGovern. The former was drafted back in the second round of 2018 and has played at left guard ever since, the latter was taken in the third round a year ago, spent all of that season on ice, and figures to have some guard and center flexibility. Where they have been used to this point seems to be a bit of a flip on their experience.

ESPN’s Todd Archer noted in a Twitter thread on Wednesday morning that McGovern has not taken a snap at center to this point in camp. Meanwhile Williams has seen work there, Joe Looney figures to be the starter, which definitely indicates that the Cowboys might see McGovern as their long-term left guard. Maybe.

Many anticipated that McGovern would be the one to be used in the middle of the offensive line given his collegiate experience at the position. Williams played tackle at the University of Texas and this time last year there was a thought that maybe he could kick out to right tackle, La’el Collins’ extension obviously changed that, but perhaps he is truly the most valuable next man up if McGovern starts at left guard and Looney starts at center.

While we are only talking about a few practices to this point it is definitely noteworthy that Connor McGovern has not been used at all at center. Is a configuration with him at left guard, Looney at center, and Williams as the next-man-up the best one possible for the Cowboys? Tyler Biadasz presents another variable obviously, but this will be an interesting position group to watch ahead of September 13th.

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