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Everson Griffen chose the Dallas Cowboys because he wants to win a championship

Those are big words.

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The last week concerning the Dallas Cowboys has seen a ton of news in a tiny window of time which was not the case for the last few months. It has been a lot of fun to track things happening with the Cowboys here lately, and part of the fun is that things aren’t as predictable as they used to be (not at all a shot at Jason Garrett). Due to the team having a new coaching staff there are no known rhymes or rhythms and so we are all learning as we go. Hence, the fun.

One of the most out-of-nowhere things that has happened to Dallas since things really took off was without question the signing of defensive end Everson Griffen. The team’s newest sack artist spoke for the first time on Thursday and was firm in why he chose America’s Team.

Everson Griffen chose the Dallas Cowboys because he wants to win a championship

There is a lot of talk that happens around the offseason, but Everson Griffen waited until just before the season to sign. He is a talented player and undoubtedly had his choice of contending teams. Ultimately he chose the Cowboys and if you were wondering why, well, it’s because he wants to win a championship.

“For one it was my favorite football team growing up. Emmitt Smith, people actually don’t know, I’m named after Everson Walls. He was number 24 here. I think he played safety, linebacker, something like that. But yea I was named after Everson Walls. They’ve always been my favorite team. In this time I’m trying to win a championship. I look at the pieces that they’ve got here with Dak, Coop, Lamb, Mike… so I think that they have the weapons. Zeke, offensive line, all around. So I think the weapons are put in place and it’s up to the players and the coaches to go out there on Sundays and win the games. But on the defensive side we’re stacked: DLaw, Aldon, me. We’ve got a lot of good guys on that side of the ball. We’re just excited to play football and excited to win. That’s our main objective is to win here.”

This is in many ways the dream answer to hear from a free agent. Griffen is a great player and chose the Cowboys because he grew up rooting for them (and was even named after a team legend!), wants to win a title, and feels like the current version of the squad is capable of doing that. It literally checks all of the boxes.

Part of what Griffen spoke about during his media session was how he was a team captain for the Minnesota Vikings for the last half decade. He noted that he intends on bringing that same level of leadership and tenacity which is something that this group undoubtedly needs.

Welcome to the Cowboys, Everson Griffen.

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