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DeMarcus Lawrence discussed some of the changes, and some things that didn’t change, on the defensive line

Will we see much of a change along the defensive line for the Cowboys?

NFL: Dallas Cowboys Training Camp Handout Photo-USA TODAY Sports

It’s still not the same ole, same ole, but football is back, and we’re getting back to normality with hearing players, coaches, and front office officials do their weekly radio spots. Jerry Jones made an appearance today where he talked Earl Thomas, Covid-19 testing, and potential protest scenarios for the team come game-time.

Shortly after, DeMarcus Lawrence joined the K&C Masterpiece, on 105.3 The Fan, to discuss training camp and this upcoming season. Tank talked about multiple things, but the one thing that did stand out was what he said regarding defensive lineman’s duties going into 2020.

When asked about some of the changes on the defensive line (protecting linebackers and certain run fits), Lawrence had this to say:

It doesn’t change my job at all. My job is always to wreak havoc and get up the field, and sack the quarterback. So, it really don’t change my job at all. For Antwaun (Woods) speaking, yes, he has different alignments and assignments to do inside at defensive tackle, but at defensive end, you always have to set the edge, and make a play on the quarterback.

This is great information to have, in a time where we aren’t getting a ton of details on who is lining up where, and some inside-looks at the play-calls and scheme. Lawrence gives us a hint that we can expect the interior of the defensive line to incorporate more of a two-gapping scheme to their game-plan, but the defensive ends main goal will be to get after quarterbacks. With DeMarcus Lawrence, Everson Griffen, Tyrone Crawford, Aldon Smith, Bradlee Anae, and possibly Randy Gregory, they will have plenty of guys to throw at opposing offenses in 2020.

We’re still unsure if this is for both the nose and under-tackle, or if they will use their under-tackle in one-gapping roles, while using their big-bodied nose tackles to worry more about the run. Regardless, it’s great to hear some changes are coming to the defensive line, no matter how small they may be.

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