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Mike McCarthy press conference: “Things need to change” but Cowboys decide to practice today

An emotional press conference with Mike McCarthy.

NFL: Combine Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Mike McCarthy held his usual morning press conference, but the content was anything but usual. Instead of questions about the players or how the team is progressing and the like, the kind of stuff you usually hear at these press conferences, it was all about what is happening right now in the arena of social justice. Every question pertained to what is happening with the sports boycotts by certain teams, the Cowboys plans around that, and his own personal feelings on the subject.

Instead of recapping that ourselves, we’ll bring together some of the tweets from the local reporters that capture the feeling of what was discussed. At this time, the Cowboys are going ahead with today’s practice, but McCarthy did say that the players would have discussions and did not rule out future actions by the team. He noted that he had not spoken to Jerry Jones recently so he doesn’t know what the owner’s thoughts are on the current situation.

Again, the Cowboys will be practicing today.

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