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Will the Dallas Cowboys finish over or under 9.5 wins in 2020?

The line has been set for Cowboys wins, you must choose.

NFL: Dallas Cowboys Training Camp Handout Photo-USA TODAY Sports

We are just about two weeks away from the season beginning for the Dallas Cowboys. There are plenty of big expectations for the 2020 Cowboys as many believe this is the most talented team that the organization has put out in some time. Whether the Cowboys are ultimately capable of delivering on that hype is what remains to be seen.

Where are you at in terms of hype, though? Just how confident are you in this group? SB Nation polled Cowboys fans through our SB Nation Reacts tool and it turns out the optimism is quite high.

Most people believe the Cowboys will win double-digit games this year

In case you forgot, the NFL expanded the playoffs starting this year and there will now be three Wildcard teams. As a result you’d have to imagine that 10 wins is a definite playoff mark for squads across the league. That’s a fair goal for the Cowboys if they want to be playing in January (obviously they have loftier goals).

Some people setting the over/under for Cowboys wins this year have chosen to slot that value in at 9.5. 72% of those polled by SB Nation Reacts, an overwhelming majority, believe that the Cowboys will hit the over on here which would mean that Dallas would win double-digit games in 2020.

This season is going to look dramatically different than anything that has ever come before it. In normal times, it would seem rather easy to see the Cowboys winning 10 games this season, but the unknown that this year provides obviously exacerbates the difficulty level.

Do you think 10 wins is a fair call for this team? Football is a tricky game and there are often teams that rise up out of nowhere every year. It is possible that we are not evaluating some teams to be threats that ultimately will, but it is also possible that we are overestimating others.

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