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Leadership seems to be a collective effort for the Dallas Cowboys defense

Cowboys defense has a few guys taking the reins and helping the youngsters.

NFL: Dallas Cowboys Training Camp Handout Photo-USA TODAY Sports

The Dallas Cowboys have an offense that has us all excited for this season, but here lately it feels like some momentum is building on the opposite side of the ball. Some of this has to do with the signing of Everson Griffen a few weeks ago, but there are other names starting to generate more hype. CeeDee Lamb has stolen a lot of headlines but his fellow rookie Trevon Diggs is starting to do the same on defense.

Diggs might ultimately end up playing a more pivotal role on the 2020 team as the depth at his position is hardly as strong as it is for Lamb. It seems that Diggs is adjusting to the NFL life quite well, his brother has been in the league for a while after all, but the veterans on his team seem to have his back.

Leadership seems to be a collective effort for the Dallas Cowboys defense

Trevon Diggs appeared Thursday on ESPN San Antonio’s The Blitz and talked about life so far through his first NFL training camp. He noted how focused he is on competing and he seems to have his eyes focused on getting better each and every day. A certain former coach would love that mentality.

Diggs is a rookie, so he is obviously one of the younger players on the team. He was asked which veterans have taken him under their wing and he noted that it has been somewhat of a collective effort.

“That’s hard to say. It’s a couple of vets that I talk to every day. I try to get as much knowledge as I can. Ha Ha Clinton-Dix. Jaylon Smith. I talk to Sean all the time. I talk to a lot of guys. Like I said it’s a lot of chemistry and people talking to different positions in different groups. They take all of the rookies and they welcomed us in with open arms so everything has been all love. It’s been all just love. And I enjoy that because sometimes you might feel, you might not feel comfortable talking to a vet or anything, asking them questions. Because you’re just coming in, but they welcomed us in with open arms and made it comfortable for us to talk to them and ask them questions and stuff like that. It’s been love. I like it a lot.”

Ha Ha Clinton-Dix also went to the University of Alabama like Diggs, plus he operates in the secondary along with him. Jaylon Smith was a Cowboys team captain for the first time last season so it is not shocking to see him helping out, and while Diggs only said “Sean” and there are two on the team at the moment, it makes sense that Sean Lee is doing all that he can to help those around him.

Leadership was definitely lacking last season on the Cowboys defense, especially during the second half of the season. It was reported last December that young players specifically weren’t doing a proper job of leading, hearing that the whole group is doing a solid job here in 2020 is definitely a good thing.

Hopefully this is a sign of things to come. Team harmony can go a long way. Let’s hope it goes all the way to Tampa Bay.

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