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Mike McCarthy apparently allows his Dallas Cowboys players more leeway than Jason Garrett did

There seems to be a new culture brewing in Dallas.

NFL: Dallas Cowboys Training Camp Handout Photo-USA TODAY Sports

There are just about two weeks between now and the season beginning for the Dallas Cowboys. 2020 has been a heavy year in a number of ways but the football season will mark a landmark one for America’s Team. The Cowboys are celebrating their 60th anniversary and are doing so in the first year under a new head coach, many people are very interested to see what Mike McCarthy can do with a roster that is generally agreed to be very talented.

There are lofty expectations for the Cowboys, such is life for the most visible team in professional sports. Jason Garrett was obviously unable to deliver the ultimate prize, so what will Mike McCarthy do differently?

Mike McCarthy apparently allows the Cowboys players more leeway to say what they want to do

We have obviously not experienced the traditional offseason and run up to training camp which means we haven’t exactly gotten the full Mike McCarthy experience quite yet. Still, though, there are a lot of things that we have seen and for the most part the changes are generally being applauded.

How are the Cowboys players dealing with their new head coach, though? When asked about what’s new and different most players answer the obvious things. Veteran cornerback Anthony Brown was asked on Friday for the biggest differences from Jason Garrett and his staff to Mike McCarthy’s, and his answer was interesting.

“So far… it’s just, it’s a totally different environment walking in the building now. It’s kind of like a breath of fresh air when you walk in right now with Coach McCarthy coming in. The players have a lot more leeway to say what we want to do and like, he give us more opportunities to express ourselves I would say.”

What kind of leeway do the players have with McCarthy that they seemingly didn’t with Garrett? Anthony Brown played four years under Garrett so he certainly knew life with him quite well, while this answer was not said in any sort of negative tone or connotation, it does spark questions as to what he could be specifically talking about.

Jason Garrett was never known to be the most strict head coach in the world so it’s not like there is a reputation of his for stifling players. To be clear, it’s not like Brown was saying Jason Garrett hindered them dramatically, but clearly the difference is stark enough that he noticed it and mentioned it.

Jerry Jones appeared on 105.3 The Fan on Friday morning as he usually does and in talking about his impressions of Mike McCarthy so far, he noted that the coach’s personality is one that people are drawn to.

Maybe this has something to do with it? Perhaps? Potentially?

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