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Jerry Jones’ grandson punched him when CeeDee Lamb was on the clock before the Cowboys picked

One thing we learned from the Cowboys scrimmage.

NFL: Dallas Cowboys Training Camp Handout photo

The Dallas Cowboys held “Cowboys Night” on Sunday evening, the event typically known as the Blue and White Scrimmage. Mike McCarthy has placed his fingerprints all over this team since taking over as head coach and this exercise was no different. Players did not have names or numbers on their jerseys and the televised product was, um, limited to say the least.

Perhaps the most interesting portion of the night was when Jerry Jones appeared and interacted with hosts Bill Jones, Michael Irvin, and Nate Newton. Jerry touched on a variety of topics but he told a fun story about the team’s top rookie wide receiver.

Jerry Jones’ grandson punched him when CeeDee Lamb was on the clock

It is still unbelievable that the Dallas Cowboys have CeeDee Lamb on their team, but it will become all the more real less than two weeks from now when football is played for real.

Jerry has mentioned before that part of the reason that he wanted Lamb to wear number 88 is in honor of his late friend and University of Arkansas teammate Jerry Lamb. Jerry Jones was asked about this on Sunday evening and told a story about how his two grandsons played a bit of a role when Dallas was on the clock.

“We were sitting there in that draft and boy there our end, our defensive end, fell to us from LSU. And we were so giddy, but there sat CeeDee Lamb. And I’ll never forget, my grandson Shy reached over and punched me. I was sitting on the couch and he said, ‘Production, Papa. Production. Look at his production! Look at his production!’”

“Now my other grandson had told me when they played LSU at Arkansas, everything they did they had to game plan around that pass rush. So you say well what is this, listening to grandsons? Well and I looked up there just reminded me that that last name was Lamb.”

“We had had it all for the right reasons. He’s just a unique, unique football player. Unique talent. And boy it all fell together and, it just really was almost like an omen. He was certainly one of the best friends I’ve ever had. He lived vicariously every breath that I’ve got to be involved as a Cowboy. And Jerry Lamb was an outstanding, great player and great leader.”

The player from LSU in question is obviously edge rusher K’Lavon Chaisson (who wound up being drafted by the Jacksonville Jaguars). It was well-known that the Cowboys had eyes for Chaisson entering the draft and had it not been for Lamb lasting to 17 overall, and a subsequent punch of production, maybe things would have shook out differently.

Perhaps this story will be told when CeeDee Lamb is entering the Pro Football Hall of Fame with multiple Dallas Cowboys Super Bowl rings on his hand. We can certainly dream, right?

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