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Randy Gregory provides an update on being reinstated: “I’m asking more questions than I’m getting answered”

Randy Gregory has spoken.

Dallas Cowboys v Indianapolis Colts Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

For a while now, Dallas Cowboys fans have been wondering what the situation with Randy Gregory is and where it is going to end up. To call it curious would be putting it mildly. Gregory last played football for the Cowboys when the team traveled to take on the Los Angeles Rams in the Divisional Round of the 2018 season. Since then he has been up against a suspension from the NFL, but rumors about him applying for reinstatement in 2020 surfaced and have caused the confusion.

Dallas has already seen one of their pass rushers reinstated to the league after dealing with suspension in the case of Aldon Smith. Questions have lingered as to what the status of Gregory is specifically, and on Wednesday he offered up some words of his own.

Randy Gregory says he is in great shape physically, mentally, and emotionally, but is being held back

If you were wondering what exactly Randy Gregory is being held up by, he offered some level of clarity on Wednesday. He noted in a Twitter statement that Covid-19 and “testing” are issues and that he has more questions than answers at the present moment.

“I really miss playing football and being a player in the NFL. I’m doing everything that is asked of me and I’m in great shape physically, mentally, and emotionally but I’m being held back from furthering my career because of Covid and testing. I’ve been ready to play and test for months but still have gotten little to no help to resolve my reinstatement. I’m asking more questions than I’m getting answered. It’s amazing that the powers that be can keep passing the buck and also use this pandemic as a way to prevent me from joining my team. Telling me to just sit and wait in limbo over things I can’t control, all the while doing everything right off the field is unfair and flat out wrong!!!”

The Covid-19 pandemic has disrupted many activities in the NFL. According to Randy Gregory, it is being used as something to prevent him from returning to the Cowboys.

This update from the pass rusher it still leaves us with questions. If Gregory is ready, able, and willing, then why has the NFL taken so long with his case specifically? They already reinstated Aldon Smith and did so per the normal timeframe associated with the process. What is the difference here?

We all have more questions than answers.

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