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Stephen Jones is a fan of the idea of CeeDee Lamb returning punts

The Cowboys are looking for some punch on special teams.

NFL: Dallas Cowboys Training Camp Handout photo

The Dallas Cowboys have a bevy of offensive playmakers on their team, it’s so much of the reason that we are all expecting this group to put up a lot of points in 2020. Listening out the players with potential to score is quite the fun exercise for the average Cowboys fan, and while the team will certainly be able to make some noise when they have the ball, there is a line of thought that they should do everything they can to score before that even happens.

We are of course talking about special teams (although scoring on defense is encouraged!). The Cowboys had one of the worst special teams groups in the NFL last year and there is hope that John Fassel is rapidly fixing what was very much broken.

What about scoring on special teams, though?

Stephen Jones is a fan of the idea of CeeDee Lamb returning punts

When any team has a rookie first-round wide receiver there is generally discussion about said player returning punts. The idea here is obviously that they are a lethal weapon with the ball in their hands so giving them an extra opportunity to do so is not a bad one.

This was a large conversation when Dez Bryant was a rookie for the Cowboys in 2010. With CeeDee Lamb now in the fold a decade later, similar discussions are happening and it turns out that Stephen Jones, who spoke Monday on 105.3 The Fan, is a fan of the idea.

“I think it’s a great opportunity for him to touch the ball. We’ve had some great players return punts for the Cowboys, starting with Deion Sanders. Those guys are really good at their trade. I don’t think it’s as dangerous as a play as the kickoff in terms of the returner.”

“I think those guys see, especially the great ones like Deion and certainly CeeDee can be. They see all the traffic coming at them, they know when to fair catch it, and when to get out of bounds, and you know, when to go for it. There’s been a lot of great receivers in this league get back there and field punts and do a great job doing it.”

“I don’t have a huge issue with it. There may be times where it’s a punt safe and we put Ced Wilson back there, something like that. I think you’ve got to, this day and time in this league, if you’ve got dynamic players, you’ve got to give them opportunities to make plays in the open field.”

Cedrick Wilson returning punts is in itself an interesting idea, Stephen also confirmed that he and Noah Brown have separated themselves as the team’s fourth and fifth wide receivers, but imagining Lamb doing it sure is fun.

So much of this conversation is circumstantial. It has to, of course, make sense in the context of the game happening at the moment to throw Lamb out there to field a punt (or someone else for the matter), but it is interesting to note that Stephen is a fan of the idea.

We have seen that what Stephen Jones or Jerry Jones think or feel is relevant as always, but it is the opinion of Mike McCarthy that seems to matter most. Whether or not McCarthy likes the idea of Lamb back there returning remains to be seen, but at least we know that the door is open.

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