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Mike McCarthy press conference: Update on Brandon Carr’s status, discussion of Dak Prescott’s latest comments

The Cowboys coach gave his final press conference of the week before the Rams game.

NFL Combine - Day 2 Photo by Alika Jenner/Getty Images

Coach Mike McCarthy closed out the week with a Friday press conference. The Cowboys open the season on Sunday; find out what coach had to say about the state of the team. (All answers are paraphrased and not actual quotes).

Change of routine for COVID-19 protocols

Mike McCarthy noted that the new protocols from the NFL are creating a different set of circumstances than anybody has ever seen. He referenced a bubble atmosphere.

He said that there is a check in system as far as leaving The Star, checking into the airport, keeping everything secured and what not. He said they would carry it forward all the way to arrival at the stadium.

He added that where they eat their meals, where they congregate, and all the like will be limited to a realm that keeps them safe and in regulation of a bubble-like environment.

Thoughts on the Chiefs/Texans season opener

McCarthy said that the Cowboys had Thursday night’s game on at the facility and that it looked pretty normal off of the small sample size that he was able to watch while he was working.

No face shield for McCarthy

Kansas City Chiefs head coach Andy Reid wore a face shield during Thursday night’s season opener. McCarthy reiterated that he will be wearing a mask.

Brandon Carr’s status for the game

Coach said that Carr had a good week of practice although they have been limiting his reps. They will make a decision about him on Saturday after another practice.

Thoughts on Dak Prescott’s comments about mental health

McCarthy noted that he was aware of the comments made by Dak Prescott with regards to the quarterback discussing his own depression this offseason.

He called Prescott a remarkable young man and that he had heard so many great things about him even before he got here. Coach was impressed with Prescott’s strength and ability to be transparent about his personal challenges, and that he admired Prescott. He finished by commenting on Prescott’s leadership and noted that his character is beyond his years.

Team captains

McCarthy said that the Cowboys would select their three team captains for the week on Saturday night and that this would be the normal week to week process.

He added that at this time they would designate who would go out for the coin toss, what to call (he’s a tails guy), and all of those particulars. Due to Covid-19 protocols only one player is permitted to head to midfield for the opening coin toss.

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